20 Minutes of Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch – Handheld Gameplay (PAX East 2018)

We check out 20 more minutes of Dark Souls Remastered ganlmeplay on the Nintendo Switch, but this time in handheld mode!
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  1. Дмитрий Новиков

    Cut youre fuckin nails

  2. Chaotix IV

    This makes me wanna buy a switch just to Dark souls on a road trip, plane or even a bus ride.

  3. Martin Levo

    Hey guys, the release date to dark sould remasterd Nintendo Switch edition is 10th of August.
    Proof: https://www.coolshop.dk/produkt/dark-souls-remastered/AD92JH/

  4. Mike 7890

    casual lol

  5. Bryan Kay

    This is almost as bad as watching that one guy play cuphead.

  6. Christopher Wilson

    So it this like a stable 30fps?

  7. Tshobe23 _

    How did you get your hands on it?? There's not even a release date yet, it's giving me hives

  8. Shadow Raccoon

    When is the network test ganna go down?

  9. Esteban Alzate

    i wish we had it already or at least a date for it

  10. Frozen gamer

    Why did they delay it why

  11. Pgn Vlogs

    I wish It was Out

  12. Wackstr

    As a veteran of dark souls this gameplay was painful to watch really really painful

  13. NeutralGuyDoubleZero

    Can someone tell the narrator or whatever to shut it? I feel like its some kind of weird asmr video with how he's softly whispering secrets and tricks into my ear.

  14. s4dnibba

    i've played and beat all the dark souls games (except demon souls) , so naturally i was excited to finally git gud on the go with Dark souls remastered: Nintendo switch. But my fucking luck. The ONLY CONSOLE I WAS PLANNING TO GET IT ON, THE FUCKING GAME WAS DELAYED. I have to take a plane back to america this summer and i was planning on playing it the whole 9 hour flight back, because i could actually play DS:R for 9 hours straight 😂. BUT NO, I'LL JUST FUCKING STARE AT THE BACK OF SOMEONES HEAD THE WHOLE FUCKING FLIGHT. Thanks FromSoftware.

  15. gtabro1337

    Judging by the shiny armor this looks to be a straight port… LITERALLY WHAT I WANTED

  16. Eated Cookies

    Umm can you close the latch to your game next time and play in the dark. Thanks

  17. CaptainEO420

    Overhyped garbage

  18. Alejob

    When is the release date now that it has been posponed?

  19. 82SMR

    Guys no need to panic, it's just been delayed for the switch. Coming out sometime this summer.

  20. 82SMR

    What a noob. This guy sucks.

  21. Gojira93

    Being a huge dark souls fan I feel like it’s gonna be harder on switch because of the controls and just the way your hands are positioned on the console. I found even skyrim to be difficult to control on switch.

  22. Phenix GAMING

    Ok but when does it come out on the switch tho?

  23. martiN0304

    In 20 minutes, I'd have finished even the Taurus demon already. But I understand if this is your very first playthrough.

  24. Joe Xavier

    How's the frame rate on the switch?

  25. Jack97

    Might get a switch for this and zelda

  26. Perinaut

    This boy spamming the soft attack

  27. Perinaut

    Git gud casul

  28. Corgi Pants

    You'd think I'd hate it, but there's something amusing and kind of charming seeing a first-timer 🙂

  29. Baroque Chevalier Noir

    Just imagine: it's a dark, rainy night and there is a blackout. You are in your bed with your headphones and start playing this fucker in your switch, aaaah….

  30. James Pauliny

    Are the arrows at 10:11 supposed to be that slow? Jesus..



  32. lil_ king

    Did the demo come out??? Cuz I haven’t seen it I’ll check again but

  33. lil_ king

    How r u playing this on the Nintendo switch

  34. Kiyoshix

    Does anyone know how to get the "test version"? I really want to try the game… I never played Dark Souls before but it looks interesting. I searched for hours but I just don't get how to test the game…. sorry for my stupidity… can someone help me?

  35. kev blackwood

    Chewing gum!! Seriously?

  36. ST1TCH

    What's the Framerate on the Switch for this game? I don't personally mind but I'm just curious as to what it is.


    nintendo scratch version got CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Jonah Aqui

    Just like Dark Souls
    Oh wait

  39. Popoy and Masterpon

    sorry but darksouls 1 looks like boring ass shit.

    i cancel'd my preorder..

  40. Alex Ramirez

    God I can't wait for the switch port

  41. vo thanh

    hope I am not going to rage quit like Nioh

  42. Uchiha Gamer

    Looks pretty clean on switch

  43. EuroFight 38

    I really hope that it will sell well so we have a chance to see full switch support from FrmSftwr 🙏🏻

  44. darkdeadsage

    Why is this game delayed??????

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