9 Minutes of Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition Gameplay on Nintendo Switch – PAX East 2018

We dawn the Breath of the Wild costumes for Link and Zelda and take on the Wind Waker themed levels.

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  1. Foxtail

    bleh this looks weird there r better slashing games to play

  2. bluebananaBEATS

    whats up with the n64 graphics tho

  3. Celestl boy

    Should i get this game?

  4. bluewolf09

    Okay but who uses Wind Waker on Zelda :/

  5. Jose Mejia

    Dinasty warriors wannabes! 😑

  6. jasiel delgado


  7. mike Kemp

    Xbox one S is a multimedia machine, I get games, tv, now TV, Netflix and so much more, my Switch is my tool of choice for business travel, which I do a lot of, tomorrow on the 9 hour flight from London Heathrow to Charlotte, will be a mix of Bayonetta 2, Skyrim, Fifa and Mario World. The Switch rocks in the right situation as does the Xbox one S.

  8. Marcus Anderson

    Glad I got a switch

  9. The Heavy Metal Brothers

    Actually 9 minutes and 48 seconds……

  10. Warren Zigmont

    This game looks boring! Just so bland. Same boring attacks over and over. So repetitive.

  11. Nuke Wyatt

    getting it tomorrow!

  12. foxxylove 101

    Let's agree, link is hot af

  13. Jelly Much

    I don’t get it . You have to glide around hitting little bikoblins or what ?

  14. Skrr Skrrt

    Is it 1080p and 60fps at the same time or 720p 60fps / 1080p 30fps

  15. Beard Man

    It's on Eshop now

  16. Jesse Dwyer

    Is this 60 FPS?

  17. soccerzz5


  18. Mike Bugbman

    is this game just dumb mindless bashing?

  19. Blisterdude123

    That two-character switch mechanic is something I actually wish the Dynasty Warriors game did. So much more efficient and smooth than haring it back and forth across the map as one person. You could tactically allocate characters to deal with problems on the fly.

    This looks like so much fun. I love the Warriors-ified take on the Zelda soundtrack.

  20. TaroT D

    Oh wow..looks like a completely different game than the 3ds version….I can't wait to get it. Love destroying moblins as skull kid

  21. Suwan Yi

    Remind me of fire emblem heroes

  22. Daniel mc beauty

    What is this game. An rpg. Is there a story in it? Is it even good. Graphs look a little off. And the game looks very easy

  23. Thomas Devlin

    Is this basically like a Zelda version of dynasty warriors?

  24. Alyssa Izzle

    don't really like it, Zelda breath of the Wild is much better.

  25. Rockstar77

    This gotta be the best game Namco ever created.

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