Sea of Thieves: Graphics Analysis, Xbox One X vs Xbox One Comparison[4K/60fps]

Sea of Thieves is one of those games that won’t grab your attention almost immediately, like Gears of War 4. It’s also not a game that emphasizes on pushing the hardware to its limit but neither it’s a game that isn’t visually stunning.

We think Rare has achieved a perfect balance between meeting their trademarked art style along with intricate graphical details. And when you combine the two, you see something special. And that something special is what makes Sea of Thieves unlike any other game in the technical department.






  1. Northern Cookie

    Anyone else considering buying a super cheep xbox one just to play this game ? (I have a ps4 atm)

  2. White Knight 5

    Game looks better than God Of Bore..

  3. Emaad Awazem

    What about xbox one s damn it is it 4K render

  4. Phil V

    game is addicting be careful lol

  5. frank yey

    is this avalaible on VR?

  6. thegoodpancake v

    needs more content tho.

  7. Kyle Dominy

    Game runs so bad on my One X

  8. George Vincent CH

    Letdown at 30fps even on the x….

  9. BlackDildoBoyWithDiabetesBehindACamera Horsecock

    Sea of Thieves is completely empty! Not as empty as Zelda Breath Of the Wild though

  10. Max

    Nice! Beautiful game

  11. Knobby Gnome

    It's an amazing game it just needs more content that's all. I've been playing nonstop and I can't get enough of it but with lack of content at the moment it difficult for players to get interested. Rare has plans to release more content and free dlc within the next couple months

  12. Kukwes VR

    LMAO not on par with windows 10

  13. The Power of Sky

    The gameplay look really dull and It is more fitting for a shark game

  14. giggity

    think this is a great comparison of the game and i do think you right on draw distance as friend cant see the birds in distance he has Xbox s and i can on Xbox X only when we get closer he can see it or he is just blind ever way it does look better and with the 30 fps i dont see any different in it from 60 fps and i use pc on some games some people do some dont am one that does not see it but i have been around 30 fps all me life really

  15. Waffles Yo

    Drinking game: Everytime he says "Dynamic"

  16. ToxicTaco

    This game is so boring only when you don't have anyone to play with but if you have even 1 friend to play with its so damn fun.

  17. Geralt of Rivia


    Oh my god the fucking framerate

  18. Geralt of Rivia


    Horrible framerate and no interaction.

  19. Geralt of Rivia

    The graphics are gorgeous. The gameplay is boring.

  20. chargersrt10

    The Day/Night Cycle is a bit fast for me also.

  21. TheGladiator 2212

    4:37 I Call BS

  22. 123Kaboooomm

    Wow we playstation-4 owners get so much Great exclusives and xbox owners get THIS haha some People like to throw their money away

  23. Elijah Florence

    Game is kinda lame its fun wit friends but i only have seen 2 enemy ships. We need more battles more shit to do

  24. Byus

    Looks hella boring. Back to monster hunter!

  25. Sethxz

    I remember Assassins Creed IV: black flag devs saying that water wasn't doable in multiplayer when people BEGGED for multiplayer. …….

  26. dann

    The new ps4 game call god of z😴 camera sucks wk half ass 4k SOT best new game 🙂

  27. boybaha21

    is this a mobile game

  28. Yorha Unit A2

    The base is Xbox One is 1600x900p native

  29. Osvaldo T

    I fell sleep after 20 minutes of gameplay.

  30. isturbo1984

    Wow, look at them comments… Would you all tell someone not to play a game like say, NieR: Automata because its trash when you've never played it? No..?? Stupid right? Well then, why do you do the exact same thing for Xbox games clearly obvious you havan't played? Hey!–Nobody cares if you are a Sony fanboy or a Xbox fanboy… that doesn't magically mean you know what you are talking about in any case, lol. Morons.

  31. AtlasNM

    Kind of weird how most people haven’t even played it yet (Including me) and are already saying it sucks. PS4 or Xbox I want games to thrive and this honestly seems pretty good. I’m just not understanding all of the hate for it.

  32. K C Dekkerd

    Agreed day and night cycle is way wayyy to fast needs slowing down at least 200%!!!!

  33. Robo Mnemonic

    It's not 60fps on consoles….stop lying

  34. HardcoreMetal89

    Sea of Snooze 🤣

  35. hellsingova1988

    The ppl that say This game is boring or says its trash are PS owners or dont have any friends to play with 😂

  36. zarbon700

    When the first compliment is about how great the water effects are, you know the game is dog shit.

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