Xbox Boss Makes BIG Announcement! Xbox One X Gets BOOST, Gamescom Leak! Xbox July Update, Xbox News

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  1. Dealer - Gaming

    You guys rock, keep it gaming!

  2. rudy garza

    Dolby vision = hdr12

  3. Dkzeria PR

    Sony fanboys always have excuses

  4. l ROMANO l

    People would praise Sony if they eliminated discs and made the PS5 use VHS tapes… The bias is real.

  5. LuciferXuk

    Forza horizon 4 looks really good, but there is a HUGE issue with the game in my opinion and I'm seriously considering to cancel my pre-order, and I always buy anything Forza.

    First off Shared world… no thank you, but nice option because the developers confirmed that you still can play offline against Drivatar.
    SEASONS!!! This is a big issue, because the seasons are locked even when you play solo

    Seasons that keep changing sounds fun at first..until you start thinking about it .
    Lets say you buy a new Pagani Zonda, and you want to drive around pushing the limit.. you finally have some time off work to play , you start the game, and it is just end of autumn, so Winter just started… so you can not in any practical way use your new car for over a week, and really 2 weeks
    This is a very limiting factor. Most cars, except the slow SUV's or mud runners can not be used in a proper way most time of the year..

    Benefit of Forza Horizon 3 is that if you want to play in the snow, you choose to do so, If you want to drive in the summer, you do that. you do not have to wait for weeks to play what you feel like, with the car you like.
    Enforced Seasons in Solo .. removes this ability.

    I completely understand why changing seasons is a thing in a big shared world, I also understand why they want to go that route.. but why enforce seasons when playing "offline"??? This is insane imo and it limits the game.
    I basically will then more likely only play ever 4 weeks, because I prefer Super cars … and push them hard.. it is impossible in snow. I like to drive in a rally car in the snow and mud as well occupationally, but when I want , not when the game wants me to.

    The houses btw is confirmed to be pointless, you can not go into the houses .. so what is the point to even have them then?


    My friend who works at GameStop thinks Microsoft is gonna keep the Xbox one gen longer than SONY will keep the PS4.

  7. GreatWhiteSti

    I love the way forza does it. Give me a sim to play then a more arcady game the next year, then back to a sim the year after. And i usually play both all 2 years of their life cycle.

  8. Jerome Freeman

    PS4 Pro is a 1440p machine period.

  9. Jerome Freeman

    480p is just fine. I miss the cathoray tube flat screen 480p sets. I would play the Xbox One X on a flat screen 480p set.

  10. Turkboyz20

    Hopefully they are Making some big triple a projects 1 could fps, action adventure and etc

  11. Michelle Alexandria

    I’m 4 hrs into God of War and find the game incredibly boring and bland. Filled with an empty environment and invisible walls.

  12. SnapJD

    Pubg finally started releasing some content and making progress but where they lost me as a player is when they now charge $2.50 to open every crate you earn and $10 bucks to unlock achievements….like wtf is that?!

  13. Unchained Jimmy

    DVDs are in 480i not 720 but whatever


    Adam sessler, Morgan Webb, and the guy from Talking Dead. Just bring back attack of the show and x play it would be so badassssss!!!!

  15. Ryan Boers

    Please consider creating more 5 to 7 minute videos. Personally, it is difficult to find time to sit and listen through an entire podcast and I prefer the format of your short but informative videos. I don't want to take away from your RDX podcasts as I know many people enjoy them. Just personal preference.Cheers.

  16. Johnny Wellman

    I love mixer I th hink it's a great success

  17. Shane Tomblin

    i think gears is better looking than god

  18. Robert Worth

    Thanks for the show, I enjoyed it.

  19. tuck dark

    Invert is king

  20. Detroit Defense

    Microsoft should bring back ninja gaiden series back to Xbox. They need a hack n slash game like that. One thing about Sony they don't give up on some of their games like that you know. Microsoft really needs some games like that I know they showed devil may cry 5 at E3 but its a capcom game, I hope and maybe for next gen they really invest in Japanese developer, they really drop the ball with platinum games one of the best at making hack n slash, beat"m up games . Do you guys think maybe you can talk about this in your podcast about how and correct me if I'm wrong how Xbox did not have any good first party or third party action games, the reason I feel like this is because I use to be a Microsoft consumer meaning Xbox, Xbox 360. I like your podcast and your channel excuse my ignorance if I said anything stupid, I would like to know if you like action games or hack n slash, beat"m up games you know games like that? Thanks and wish you success for your YouTube channel thanks for every information you give.

  21. Anthony Jackson

    I disagree with you guys on Yakuza I hope it does come to Xbox. The more variety the better for Xbox. Great Show Guys loved it.

  22. Iron Lords Podcast

    Salute Lords of RDX! Great show as always

  23. moparman197203

    I got your back Dealer, I play inverted too. 👍😎

  24. ReLapseJunkie

    Inverted all the way!! 😛

  25. Mattchu M

    Great show, I agree with Dealer.. 2 years is a long time playing a motor sport game.. After 2 years I'm always ready for a new instalment but 3 years wouldn't hurt


    fanboys are so aids xbox lost this gen deal with it black ops 3 runs like shit on xbox one

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