FORZA HORIZON 4 Gameplay Demo (E3 2018) Xbox One/PC

FORZA HORIZON 4 Gameplay Demo (E3 2018) Xbox One/PC

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  1. nikolygtx

    I know that its latest racing game, but just looks boring …. graphic are amazing tho

  2. Owlet doug

    Lets Go!

  3. Christo Du Plooy

    Won't this cause the same problems nfs 2015 had? While you are in a race other players can cause you to crash.

  4. cncgeneral

    I hate the shouting and whooping at these sort of events. I know there are people in the crowd paid to do it, but it's just not THAT exciting…

  5. Егор Маклаков


  6. Harambe Jr

    Is this gameplay from a xbox one X or normal xbox one?

  7. Stock Footage

    Selfish only EA server

  8. The Gman

    Okay…what about singleplayer? Story? Side missions? Cars? Collectibles? Challenges? Map? Areas? City and world? Etc…Ever heard of that?

  9. beechface1

    "The brand new 60 fps mode" If you had a pc, you would have been enjoying 60fps years ago.

  10. TheHackSquad

    Why no ps4

  11. adee jame

    hello forza horizon 4, my name is albert lugo, I was born in puerto rico of Dominican origin but I live in new york, at the moment I am a disabled person and I have some ideas that I would like to share in exchange for some support since the idea that I have could offer Horizon 4 a ticket to overcome other tour sales of other competitive racing games if you are interested in giving my life more sense of life communicate with me by this same means I would be super grateful.


    Do you know how hard it is to build those stone walls!..reckless abandon!

  13. DCTF

    Lol all these console kids who think this is a racing game.. Buy a PC and try some PROPER race sims. Not kiddy arcade garbage.

  14. 1 TRCKPNY

    will this be on the XB1 S or only the x, because im planning to buy an xbox plss respond tnx

  15. Hor Net


  16. GTA5 Showcases

    But still no Vive/oculus support 🙁

  17. szymon falkiewicz

    need to play it NOW!!!!!!!!

  18. marmite

    In the soundtrack will we get scouse and acid house to hopefully go with the ancient buckets of rice we all wanna rag around

  19. Dean Winchester

    wait i cant do head to head with ai… cause i suck at pvp?

  20. Clarence Eckert

    I wouldn't be all hyped for this shi i got rid of my xbox one x

  21. Sajjad Gamer

    I love forza horizen 4 I Love xbox

  22. Mr.Mike Lewis

    I hope they add a NHRA mode or Dlc to the game with dragsters and funny cars with total customization…game looks gorgeous definitely will be buying in October

  23. JL Lee

    Although Froza Horizon 4 is coming,in October,i still believe that i wont not have to buy it, cuz i knew that Forza Horizon 3 is too perfect for us. Even Froza Horizon 4 would be undoubtable can't replace Froza Horizon 3.

  24. Alex Gotcha

    They want me to believe that those jackasses sitting in front of the consoles are playing the game? Like doing drifting in unison and everything??? shut up

  25. Yourboiilee

    Bruv why are all the cars left handed drive when we’re right handed 😂

  26. Miguel Navarro

    Hola disculpe xbox one forza horizon 3 negro algo sin Internet pero mucho juegos carros si y no dime Internet

  27. TheAnimeSounds

    Im the only one who thinks that only graphics gets better over time in every game? no new mechanics, no good mechanics, no new experimental fun activities, nothing, only bigger, more empty (cool looking ? ) maps with ""tons"" (basically few but repeated many times) of same shit to do.

  28. Nathan Iverson Murphy

    Guys do you think that a core i5 4tg gen with ddr4 16GB ram and a gtx 1060 6GB handle this game? Reply with your opinions guys.

  29. craig foley

    Can't wait to play in Edinburgh

  30. Leng man

    can i wiz around south london on a 125 led otherwise dead this game

  31. god 999

    No for ps4?

  32. Robin Khn

    Well are there any actual multiplayer races? Because I dont really see a point in driving around rather aimlessly… And what about the Single-Player Mode? What is that going to look like?

  33. Cryo

    That xbox looks like an One X but taller? Is it a cooler , what is it?

  34. Tommy James

    I Love This Game So Much

  35. Xaiano

    anyone know how to buy it for both windows and xbox or do you have to buy it twice to do that?

  36. DK🌹

    Is the driving realistic?

  37. flacko

    hope my pc will be able to run this

  38. someonз

    If it is England, add Isle of Man as a DLC.

  39. ZiK

    So it is Forza 3 with seasons. There is no difference. Sad.

  40. The Strexil

    I get a No Man's Sky feeling for this game….

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