Best management games on PC

The management game is experiencing something of a renaissance right now. With the likes of Jurassic World Evolution and Two Points Hospital on the immediate horizon, now feels like the right time to create a neatly ordered list of the best management games you can play right now on PC.

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  1. AlexLangerak

    Cities Skylines are the worst management game ever.

  2. kapanavi


  3. Definitive Entertainment

    Two Words: Theme Hospital
    (Also Cities: Skylines. But that’s a city builder, hardly a ‘management’ game)

  4. Gregory House M.D

    This list makes no sense, this video is awful….

  5. You Touch My Tra La La

    Really? No Rimworld?

  6. nesekaba

    I got like 3 hours of gameplay out of Game Dev Tycoon… I think Tropico 4 is way better than the 5th. Sims 3 is the best sims. Haven't heard of Frostpunk. Rimworld would be my number one. I'm surprised Banished didn't make it either. Otherwise, I agree with the rest. Prison architect is bae.

  7. Korosu Yourself

    forgot Rimworld is def one of the best ones out easily top 3

  8. Growing Goldfish

    Roller Coaster Tycoon…2…..Open

    Do you even manage bro?

  9. Arcticwulf

    Dwarf fortress

  10. Tomohiko Mukai

    Anno 2070 (not 2205).
    has good management of Production and Logistics + submarine and submerged building !

  11. luwi

    Without watching the video:


  12. Shiben Chakravorty

    I played every single game in this list

  13. Brenden Marin

    War of the overworld is pretty much a dungeon keeper successor in case anyone is interested in a dungeon keeper game

  14. Benoît Pelletier

    Dungeons 2 and 3 games are the new and modern Dungeon Keeper! A bit cartoonish but has a lot of humour in it and they are really great to play!

  15. Crackawacka95


  16. natalia is my waifu

    Just subscribed

  17. S1NB4D

    Nicely presented with no "please please please click the like button" rubbish other vendors push but a simple request,keep up the good work,well selected games for the topic to btw,added.

  18. MisterOakleys

    Stardew Valley anyone?

  19. Ivan K

    No This war of mine..dislike

  20. foxy gamer

    the sims 4 got removed from steam for some reason which means maybe? we can't buy anymore dlcs???

  21. moparmon

    Rimworld hands down

  22. Andy Abdullah

    Wow, no mentioning RimWorld?

  23. cs_90

    How do I find the time to do them all?

  24. MeridionWanderer

    There us War for the overlord, a somewhat continuation to Dungeon Keeper series

  25. John Angeles

    Definitely Rimworld (super hype for that 1.0 update)

  26. 2Fluttershy

    Wigglers: The Myth of Fenris. Try to change my mind.

  27. Dot 2375

    Dwarf fortress and rimworld 😉

  28. Feykro

    I stopped watching when The Sims 4 appeared. The Sims 4 is horrible game.

  29. LightAndMagicGaming

    I used to have Tycoon Tuesdays on my Twitch streams, this video kindly reminded me I should do those again as the games are still so awesome! Thanks for this list!

  30. Tolinar

    Sims 4 gets a minus … Watch your game decisions when you advertise.

  31. Martin Menendez

    Stardew valley!!

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