IMMORTAL Unchained – Story Gameplay Trailer (New RPG 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

IMMORTAL Unchained – Story Gameplay Trailer (New RPG 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

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    Looks good for indie game Studio Plus it's third person if only other games hint cyberpunk 2077 would have did this

  2. Wyatt Strange

    Unoriginal and lazy story. Check
    Stiff uninspired animation and gameplay. Check
    Mashing multiple gameplay styles and genres together. Check

    Oh, what am I doing you ask. Just makeing a check list on why this game looks like shit.

    Graphics that look like the belong on the on the playstation 2. Check
    Copying gameplay from other game franchises that did it better. Check
    Will most likely cost sixty dollars for a glorified arcade game. Check
    Dark edgy art direction. Check…

  3. FlyyGuyy

    my interest has been peaked

  4. Shaolan

    This is a take on Dark soul with guns folks

  5. KageRyuuUji

    So it's basically a Sci-fi Dark Souls? I mean they even used the same english voice actors and everything.

  6. a Washington


  7. Oni64

    Too Human + Destiny?

  8. Tactical WarDog

    Looks interesting but too much green though.

  9. Milenio Oscuro Comics & Games

    Wow, looks amazing, the voice of the narrator is so similar to the one in Hand of Fate

  10. MariktheGunslinger

    I love a good sci-fi/fantasy mix, and it seems this will be a clever way of spicing up the SoulsBorne formula.

  11. El Draque

    Looks cool but let's see right..and i can picture Vin Diesel in a movie adaptation of this game haha

  12. v Taehyung

    Game looks pretty fun I'm in

  13. starkstouch

    Melee is stiff. Get japanese animators on that. Interesting looking game

  14. Chris Fernandez

    never trust a dude that looks like Rasputin from Hellboy

  15. Brandon Hunter

    Destiny needs to take notes

  16. Ricky Bobby


  17. Iron From Ice

    "God of Destiny" lol, looks good though, actually gameplay for once reminds me of the good old days

  18. DysDust

    Yay! It's third person shooter!

  19. TheDigital79

    Beeing the studios first own game, this looks really nice idd! I love me some Dark Souls clonish game with guns 😉 Def buy

  20. Yoh DiSeven

    Horizon zero dawn Alloy Legacy

  21. vertigomaniac

    Only one word… Meh

  22. همزات المطر

    good 💖

  23. Synopsis Man

    God of Soulsiders

  24. Omio Rahman

    This has potential hope its non political

  25. NerdXZ97 001

    Can you add more blood please

  26. Ben K

    In game purchases. 🖕😂🖕bye bye

  27. TheCaptain Canada

    I played the alpha and this game is terrible it's lock only shooting mechanics are gross.

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