Top 5 BEST PC Game Deals of the Week 7/14/18 – GREAT Open World + FPS Games and More!

Here are 5 great PC game deals you should check out. Are you going to pick any of these games up? Let me know in the comments down below. Thanks for watching!

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Sleeping Dogs™: Definitive Edition

Just Cause™ 3


Bioshock: The Collection

XCOM 2 Collection


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  1. Pa ul

    These vids are so unnecessarily long. 5 deals in 10 minutes… so much of the video is aimless chatter and pointless trailer footage without commentary.

  2. feelingtardy

    shut the fuck up about the 10 minute thing. when you all grow up you can work for free if you want.


    This dude is on crack. Bioshock 1 >>> Bioshock 2 >>>>> Bioshock infinite. Infinite was by far the worst in the series.

  4. Michael Munnelly

    Mush ffs we have all been saying this for months, stop putting in so much gameplay. Stop stretching your videos to 10 minutes every fucking time

  5. blue shades

    About fucking time.

  6. Steven Savage

    You know, I always enjoy your videos, but you're dragging these out to 10 minutes and making it painful to watch just so you can get paid. This is going to bite you in the ass if you keep doing this, don't get greedy or you're going to see your subscriber numbers drop fast!

  7. Saige Hope

    I love the Bioshock games! It’s great to see some much deserved appreciation for all the instalments! ❤️

  8. trocify

    Y'all are seriously complaining about 10 minutes that you are not forced to watch interesting oh wow and what's that the games in the video are also in the description whooa you don't say lmao sad people

  9. Banana

    Sleeping Dogs is goat. Fucking fun as hell. I love the Zodiac Tournament. Too bad a sequel isn't possible anymore.

  10. Cyber Pig

    I just bought jc3 and having huge loading screen problems this is just great

  11. Afte

    how many games you own

  12. Stupidity Master

    Sleeping dogs is simply the most underrated game.. it's my all time favorite.. no game came close to it in terms of storytelling ..

  13. Erik Espedal

    If you want to hit 10 mins put extra gameplay at the end, it doesn't make us have to wait through extra crap

  14. AestheticPug

    Holy, Xcom 2 with War of the Chosen for $25? That's a damn good deal!

  15. Subhodeep Das

    Already picked up Bioshock Collection from Steam Summer Sale and finished Infinite already.
    Got a few other games from cdkeys summer sale as well.Now I'm broke

  16. Erik Espedal

    Nice 10 minute video

  17. Marc-André B

    Not liking the trailers used to fill empty space. Just talk a bit more near the end or during. It's not like skipping an ad at the beginning, I'm constantly skipping over at every game.

  18. ProGamingProphecy

    Please keep us updated on future "Sleeping Dogs" & "XCOM 2 Collection" deals. Currently still finishing up other games, but these two are definite pick ups in the future. Thank you.

  19. Dude Its Wolf

    So much hate for hitting the 10 minute mark, Mush has gotta make some money too. If you don't want to see the gameplay just skip ahead?

  20. John lam

    Dude sleeping dogs is da bomb

  21. Charlie Solow

    Damn it, I payed $44 for XCOM 2 Collection during the summer sale, and I only got a 75% discount for Bioshock: The Collection

  22. Duppy

    10 min bullshit = unsubscribe ✌️

  23. DexCrate


  24. Mars Ultor12124

    Bioschok infinite is the best and one of my favorite games ever

  25. Young Dark Link

    Yes like how many times he reccomended these games.Have all these please give other deals.

  26. Karan Bhagavath

    Way too much of gameplay shown just to hit 10 min mark.

  27. Park Park

    Pirate bay is running a site wide sale rn!!!! Everything free!!!

  28. TheSameDweeb

    What a waste of a video. Same deals, different day.

  29. Suburban Goons

    AKA games I should've played when they came out but I was too broke

  30. BossTwin :D

    Feels stretched to hit 10 minutes.

  31. Dy Savior

    He forgot to mention quite a few worthy games!

    Dying Light – Enhanced Edition on
    14.99€ a new all time low for a legit steam key. Also 15€ voucher for any future purchase above 30€ gifted upon purchase.
    And a 10€ voucher for hardware both delivered within 48h of your purchase.

    Slay The Spire – Steam 37% Off, a game that is worth every penny, and especially now that it might be comming off of Early Access soon, therefore raising the price.

    Islands of Nyne –
    13.94€ with the code "Schoolsout"

    Monster Hunter: World – GreenManGaming Website. Up to 24%-27% off with discount code received from newsletter subscription.

    Aliens: Colonial Marines Collection – Not an amazing game but it currently costs 2.99€ on fanatical for the entire collection.

    I won't reply to anybody below.
    Have fun gaming with low prices!

    Also those are all legal websites with legit steam keys. =P

  32. Bryan Maynez

    When you see the video so early that there aren't time stamps yet

  33. Hypaah

    'Can't satisfy that itch unless you go and pick up a Nintendo Switch'
    Don't tell me that wasn't intentional. #MushForNintendoMarketing

  34. 217 rambo

    i dont recomend sleeping dogs,its very linear and the game world doesnt feel alive

  35. Albert Atshemyan

    Get all these games for free

  36. SAS Gaming

    Witcher 3 is free


  37. -1-メア

    Hey Jake paulers I found out something so lit. you can get Roblox for free.

  38. Liquidnoodle

    1080p squad

  39. John Smith


  40. Mellow-Jellow

    We love you mush

  41. gunner75171

    360p club.

  42. Ryan Hachey


  43. SergeantScar

    Mush please please live stream

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