Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Own the entire Mega Man X saga on Nintendo Switch- Available Now! Jump into the first four exciting titles in Mega Man X Legacy Collection, which contains the unforgettable entries Mega Man X, X2, X3, and X4. Continue the story of X, Zero, and Axl in Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 with Mega Man X5, X6, X7, and X8. Get ready to dash, wall jump, and collect armor upgrades as you battle the vicious Maverick leader Sigma and his henchmen.

Each collection also contains a host of rare game art, nostalgic trailers, merchandise galleries, and more. These collections also include the all-new X Challenge mode, which features a series of challenges in which X faces off against two deadly Maverick bosses at once! Select up to three weapons before each fight and face off against fierce duos like Chill Penguin and Frost Walrus. Available Now!

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  1. MegaOscar X4

    I wonder what did the people do with the legacy collection 2 disc or the download code for collection 2.

  2. Stephan Gartrell

    I hope they make complete collections of other mega man heroes like legends, battle network, star Force, zero, zx, and make a new game for mega man x

  3. Protean Froakie

    Sigma? More like Ligma

  4. Mahvelous 21

    W a T A m I fIgHTiNg fOr!!

  5. Schmittsby

    Dat music d-_-b

  6. Yayo Piñon

    Megaman X5 es lo maaaaaaaaaaaaaximo

  7. The Resistance

    dang only 1 is physical copy and 2 is digital???? its an easy pass for me.

  8. James Pauliny


  9. Ninja Saga

    1:15~1:22 soy feliz 🙂

  10. Jossue lml

    Megaman x10 🙂

  11. Pimpnocchio

    Wait till it gets patched to buy it. The input lag makes it almost unplayable

  12. Hyperfire

    Why am i here i hate Mega Man X and o dont have a Switch

    Insert sad music here

  13. Hollow Thrills

    Can't wait to see what the secret track and image is

  14. Nintendo Joe

    Yesss more megaman on Switch! I gotta get this!

  15. 000mjd

    "Maverick hunter Striving for Peace"
    "Solitary SA Class hunter".
    "Next Gen hunter with missing memories"
    "Ultimate Renegade"
    That part make laugh for a long time

  16. TacoLad07

    for the sake of getting physical copies. is there an option to change the text to english in the japanese versions?

  17. Janiece Mae


  18. NintendoFanBoy07

    I wish it was on one game card or both collections had their own game card. :/

  19. Anton T.

    I first saw this collection on steam and I thought it was no more than a cash in from capcom, but looking at this trailer, and all the extras and tweeks it has, I think it totally worth it. Also, I'm not buying it on steam anymore, I'll wait to get my switch to get it, having the whole X collection on the go and bed before sleep is a no brainer!

  20. Anton T.

    Can anyone tell me what X game appears at 0:19?

  21. Delkin678 hasMC

    Whaat i am fighting fooor?

  22. Ashraf Ali

    This is the best bang for the buck EVER

  23. StarTropicsKing

    If mega Man is 30 we need to rethink some of the robot masters’ names!


  24. Gladson MF

    Half of it download only? No thanks, I'm getting the PS4 version instead (I would surely buy the Switch version otherwise)

  25. IAmPlayer Gaming

    Can we have this mashup of songs in Smash Ultimate? lol

  26. Derrick Avila

    Is it possible just to get megaman x legacy collection 1 by itself?

  27. Daniel Echeverria

    Esta increíble!!!!

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