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  1. asdfghjkl

    Those idiots at Microsoft should be offering the developers of El Dorito jobs instead of taking action against them.

  2. TMM

    Just because Microsoft took down the download link to Halo Online doesn't mean it's dead. There is still over 5,000 people online playing. Everyone is saying Halo Online is dead, when in reality Microsoft just put a little bump in the road. If you can find the download files, you can still play Halo Online.

  3. Biscuit Nation | Units

    I know it will never fucking happen but put it on steam

  4. Harvey -

    Do you think this would work: Gtx 1060 6gb 3.6ghz quad core cpu gddr5 graphics card 8gb 2400mhz gddr4 ram 1tb hdd 500w psu intel core i7700 with a 144hz no sync monitor?

  5. Archandon

    bro how come you never finished the WItcher 2

  6. DocBrewskie

    I literally just found this game and I’ll Microsoft wants to kill it.

  7. Brian Santizo

    For almost 4 minutes I watched the same Halo clips on repeat. Please only show them once, I wouldn't mind different gameplay that isn't related. Watching the same thing over and over again was painful

  8. bio serk

    taken the codes

  9. Billie Losey

    Hey mush, I found right now on fanatical you can get shadow of mordor for 5 bucks plus all its dlc. I did the math and it's like 61 bucks to get it all normally!

  10. Rodrigo Chin

    Hey Mush! Please don't play back too many times the same clips. I really enjoy your content but it got too repetitive

  11. Dregs


    that is alll

  12. Sir Caco

    Pay them for what they've done, and hire them AS A SEPARATE TEAM FROM 343 (please don't make them a part of them. 343 will ruin everything), and have them work on this, as well as everything Halo-related on the PC side of things going forward.

  13. Na Son

    Selling an rx 480 8gb for $150, if interested leave your email. Thanks

  14. Plague Doctor

    Two years of waiting for 0.6 and I have to say I'm very disappointed with it. Only to be spit and stamped on by the very toxic community it has left over.

  15. justin vistin

    Hire them and more and make a real destiny online that doesn't suck ass.

  16. Jaytreas

    What do the codes in his videos mean

  17. The Average Churro

    Honestly, if microsoft fucks this up… oh man, i dont know ill be angry.

  18. falt

    Gone Home? Great game? What a joke Mush. Have you read the story to it? The game as a whole is extremely cringe and boring.

  19. falt

    My hard drive totally broke and I can't even play Halo Online before its gonna get shut down by microsoft 🙁

  20. Keiran M54

    Eldewrito is reviving/getting people excited over Halo again! It would be idiotic on Microsoft's side to just go and shut down the game (but I'm not saying they're doing this).

  21. HeyitsWolfz

    Why doesn't Microsoft just put cosmetics in the game and make. profit of halo online and let Halo Online continue their work

  22. Wayne Willis

    Did those Liberal professors brainwash you with “nonetheless” because you sure are wearing it out.

  23. Patton G

    You should take a look at a game called Due Process. I think you'll like it.

  24. J Li

    Again another nice video keep it coming!

  25. Jeff & Jeff

    It's fine so long as they actually release the other Halo games on PC. I'd kill for 3 (or mcc) or reach on PC with working multiplayer

  26. wuffy

    Maybe Microsoft could work on more exclusives instead of striking out at passionate developers.

  27. Paul Beenis the Parrot

    I can't believe Xbox fanboys are like "YOU'RE RUINING XBOX, PHIL!! I USED TO BELIEVE IN YOU, PHIL!!! YOU BETRAYED US!!!"

  28. Adil


  29. Niann03 -

    Where is halo online on like what application

  30. Skav

    Dont update GTX 1060

  31. LoneFreedomFighter

    Maybe if the dumb bastards would give PC players Halo as they have asked for year after year people wouldn't make and use this more or less pirated port to PC.

  32. Thomas Matteo

    Halo online is awesome, I hope it stays and gets updates.

  33. CaseyDoesNightcore

    0:000:34 Intro
    0:353:48 Halo Online
    3:496:09 Twitch games
    6:107:09 Closing

  34. Relyvant Wins

    343 gonna take the game these modders made functional and throw in a crappy UI, laggy servers, and pay to win req packs. Lol

  35. Icon Panik

    -but I also wanna talk about!

  36. Kooper Hoy

    What game is mush playing?

  37. Naveen

    Either allow them to keep working until several months before the official release of Halo on PC OR hire these extremely talented people to make Halo on PC better and maybe even get it out quicker. It would be unfortunate if they let this talent go to waste

  38. butterflyknife

    halo online initially released only in russia didn't work. now that it got buzz and fans maintained 100% free its gets shut down. maybe ms should add matchmaking on forge. halo 5 mp on pc is a few codes away. nothing is stopping them. they should do it.

  39. ZekeFreke

    I dont get why you dont get more views, you have some of the best content out there bro, keep it up

  40. Kevin H

    Pah. Fucking Microsoft.
    Won't give us Halo 3, and won't let us have the mod either. They just hate PC! :'(

  41. Reed Samples

    CultofMush, you make me happy again and again. I don't know if you saw my comment or not in your video about Dark Souls and the 2 new games or not, but you definitely delivered. This is why I'm always impressed with you and always will be.

  42. Marc-André B

    Gone Home such good

  43. Donald McRonald

    A lesson to Microsoft. If you wont give the people what they want, the people will give what the people want

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