This Game Runs NATIVE 4K or 60 FPS On XBOX ONE X

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  1. Jeanmarc Louis

    Good for those that want to play it not interested waiting for gears 5 , anthem and the division 2

  2. Leslie Holmes

    This was shit when it first came out in 4k it will still be shit would not trust this dev they shafted ps4 fans when it first came out

  3. Jean-Pierre Radu O'Callaghan

    MaDz Gaming Glad to see "Stay tuned for more is back ! I missed it ! " Hahaha ! I'm really looking forward to play No Man's Sky at some stage when I have the spare cash. I only have a 1080p tv so I will definitely be taking advantage of the 1440p (but downsampled) and 60fps ! It'll still look great though !

  4. Bubzy

    Sony fangirls are mad salty right now lolol

  5. Mr Glass

    Everything looks and runs best on the X


    Poor Pathetic Salty Delusional Fanbaby Butt Hurt Ponyboys ONLY have INFERIOR versions of ALL Multiplats to play 😩.

  7. Ninja Boricua31

    I wish PUBG would have a choice to choose 60fps

  8. Markus Chief

    Native 4k/60 is optimal.
    Native 4k/30 is good
    1440p/60 is good
    1440p/30 is not good… and that is PS4 Pro.

  9. Ronnie Patterson

    Wait ……I thought we moved onto Project Scarstream already ?

  10. kiop901

    I know MS gets a lot of bad rap which it deserves but you have to admit MS provides a lot of features gamepass,4k blu ray, kodi, constant updates on UI, media services, 4k record 60fps on games, game share, better resolution on third party games that sony is not providing. If MS had exclusives it would I think surpass Sony in America.

  11. Harsh Vardhan


  12. deadhead ????????

    If they say native i would imagine its stable at 30fps, but this dev is known to lie so we will have to wait

  13. craig harris

    So now 1440p is ok… #hypocrites

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