Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition | Co-op Gameplay | Nintendo Switch

Co-op Gameplay of Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch

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  1. Tim Collins

    Is there a vs mode?

  2. Steven Lawrence

    2018 still no online play. . .

  3. signerleo snyder

    so how hell do you co op no buttens ork

  4. Sailormoon

    Ok but sum1 PLZ TELL ME HOW to get co op plzzzzz

  5. The Shadowless Man

    Can my friend and I both use a digger joy con, or do we have to get a pro controller

  6. Terra Saurus

    Wow, whoever is playing Zelda is a noob!

  7. iMYX

    Well… No. 3rd times the time to check out market decline. 3Strait fails in a rows bad buisness. All ill say is: Sorry uf you bought more than once.

  8. Albert Galindo

    I can't get the game to recognize both controllers connected. It's either one or the other when we press L + R. Any ideas?

  9. leozar69

    Are the skins still on in the cutscenes, or did they remove that?

  10. W4yne O

    How do you get multiplayer to work? I'm at scenario screen character select. I hit + on P2 controller and nothing happens.

  11. DJV NRM

    How did you multiplayer?

  12. gigaswardblade

    ive only got 1 switch. guess that means i aint doin multiplayer.

  13. Wolfelot Ships

    This weird for me because I'm expecting to hear listen! after that hey!

  14. Name

    lol why is it japanese

  15. dvdcollector1974

    How do you start co op. I can’t find where to use player 2

  16. cringe lord216

    What button do you press for split screen

  17. Martoadigi


  18. Edson VC

    Do any of you know how to change between character with a single joycon?

  19. Bruva Galathos

    Hard to believe that this is the same people that made Dynasty Warriors 9. Perhaps there might be hope yet for the Musou franchise.

  20. Jayy

    So when you're playing two players, do both characters p1 and p2 are playing as progress level wise?

  21. Kyne Likes Sauce

    At least it isn’t like Fire Emblem Warriors Co-op

  22. Christos Petalidis

    If you have 2 switchs and use local wireless, do both of them need the game?

  23. Claymanfilms

    Is there a lot of co-op stuff? Like how many hours of 2 player gameplay?

  24. Mr Darkfall

    Wish this game had 2v2 vs mode…

  25. Master Strange

    cane you be all the characters or only those where there on the screen ????

  26. Reed Alaxander

    Should've/could've had (local wireless) play, the idea of sharing one system in Portal mode really sucks since the switch itself is portable😒😒😒

  27. Zero2XSammy

    can second player also switch to the third warrior or is that only for the first player to switch into

  28. Kgaming 64

    Can the you co-up play with split joycons?

  29. GMPA

    so about the champions clothing, do you need amiibo?

  30. Queeropatra

    Can one player play on the controller screen and the other player have the entire TV screen to him/herself, like on Wii U?

  31. stnick601

    Can play this with a friend online or is it only local

  32. Poketuber: Games and More

    I'm going to guess that the cutscenes are pre rendered

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