Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – INTRO (Xbox One X 4K)

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered Walkthrough Part 1 – Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered Gameplay Xbox One X 4K mode – Let’s Play Playthrough
Thanks to Ubisoft UK for the review code
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  1. Asgard Ninja

    Is this CaptainofDave?

  2. Asgard Ninja

    Like the commentary but your skills could use some work

  3. Bnkl

    i have a question does anyone who owns the game on an xbox one experience crashes on the ubisoft logo and can't play the game?

  4. Rupert Civil

    The new assassins creed is much better than this

  5. ZackPlayzSoilder 76

    thats not a remaster. its an update

  6. Yasin Lago

    Now I need a remastered AC3 and a whole new AC1, more than just remastering.

  7. Dough Boy

    you never played origins??!? squad 👊

  8. Dhruv Rd

    Played before you before 1 or 2 years

  9. Alex A

    Does anyone know if they put these remasters out on discs?

  10. Debasree Ghosh

    Ok so it just came out ???

  11. jeffy jeff

    I am mincraft creed

  12. Bryin E. Willis

    * @ stailmate…

  13. Joey Harris

    Please do full series

  14. The Chosen One

    I miss my assasin’s creed rogue

  15. Way of the Uchiha

    Origins was very very very nice

  16. Stomper

    You said it takes place at the time of black flag but it takes place just before assassins creed 3


    Another Remastered Lie from ubisoft :/

  18. Peter Smith

    I know it is a stupid question, but is this Black Flag? Looks similar?

  19. Absorbed33

    I love the assassin creed series, i have played all 🙂 love it

  20. Steli Stelian

    This is like a remastered version of AC black flag i 👍 it pls give me a ❤

  21. Soap MacTavish

    so what changed?

  22. iKnwQuin

    Riot trust me I despised origins but then I gave it another chance and I loved it

  23. Thereza Loftus

    you need to play origins its amazing i love all assassins creed games i liked unity

  24. beats fanatic

    Yes I've been waiting for the remaster for so long

  25. Brendan Osullivan

    I love this game on 360 I can't wait to get this version

  26. Saint Pavilion

    Apparently you can't get it yet in the US wow that's dumb

  27. willflatten24

    they need to put liberation and 3 on ps4 too.

  28. Wat Es Lif

    Assassins Creed III was the best, I mean the story just hooks you in!

  29. Arslan Ahmad

    Best AC after AC4!!

  30. עירן ברכאת

    And good work

  31. עירן ברכאת

    I have this game 😍

  32. arnulfo martinez

    I can't find this on the ps store

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