1. James the Lesser Express Lane

    Just got back home! From non to midnight was with mom, then with friends, for my birthday! Unlike DSP, I didn't do a birthday week of sitting on my ass. I actually went out and did stuff!
    Anyways… liking the new intro. The original song was catchy but the new intro is shorter.

  2. Miciso

    hey i think dsp knows about you πŸ˜€ in red faction he sang : they never see it comminnggg πŸ˜›

  3. Ded

    PC Gaming=Cucking out to Microsoft

  4. ζ–‡εŠ›ζ›΄

    Me gamer! Me simple!

  5. kento933

    god forbid something happens to the streaming "industry" cause we all know he wont adapt.

  6. Lee Hazelhurst

    Sounds like this guy did win the lottery back in the day but irresponsibly spent it on useless crap and now it's everyone else's fault he's skint. Buiness 101 REAL TALK!

  7. Voj Nov

    DSP said he built pcs for a hobby. Now he says he isnt a tech guy. Pick one. Such a liar.

  8. Voj Nov

    DSP wont try anything new, too much work. He prefers the lazy way. Hell he would record with camcorder untill today if it wasnt required to switch to direct capture. Took him long enough.

  9. Voj Nov

    He could record with shadow play or the amd equivalent. It has almost no effect on performance. OBS is crap compared to this as it hogs the CPU. Or get a capture card, its so easy. But DSP knows nothing about PCs and couldn't recognise a motherboard and doesn't know what "run as admin" means. Even though he lies when he says he built gaming PCs for a hobby. I bet he doesnt know what GPU means. Pathological liar thats what he is.

  10. Kunal Duggal

    I have fiber internet, I must live in Japan.

    O wait, I live in Sacramento lol

  11. Scott Hogan

    Good video…. β€œto be honest with you”

  12. Lee McDonald

    Maybe if Phil did the Speedguide.net's modifications for the router (especially for gaming), his Internet could improve. If only…

  13. Captain Krunk

    30:00 Remember folks, this is coming from a guy who said he used to built PCs for a living XD

  14. Lipjann

    7k a month still refuses to lowers his expenses so he can buy a better pc.

  15. It'sAGundam

    DSP if you play PC games online… I will find you & I will kill you. πŸ™‚

  16. IronTorch20

    I know I said this on one of Tevin's videos, but if Phil had a dollar for every excuse he had not to do something, he would pay off most of his debts. Incidentally, I am reading Jon Taffer's book on busting excuses, and I've finished time, knowledge, money and circumstances, and I'm on ego right now. One of the reasons that I'm so drawn to Phil drama is just getting a direct look at how this guy thinks and how I could go the other way.

  17. OrganicStuff1

    I would send DSP a giant wrap on

  18. Zac sesz

    Dave is just so fucking detached from reality. He's been living as a hermit for years now. That's why it's so funny when he tries to act like he's some kind of wise old sage who knows how the world works.
    I like it when he tries to interact with real people outside of his control space, its so awkward. There are a couple of vlogs on Pandalee's channel where he's unaware that she's filming so the DSP 'bravado' is turned off and he's just a very withdrawn, awkward person, especially talking to people he doesn't know.
    Phil outside his controlled safe space:
    Phil having to interact with Leanna's mother, a person outside his control area. Lol at "You're obviously gonna think your own sandwiches are better." Leanna knows whats up with Phil:

  19. crusader gamer

    It's true there is an a price rise game's that's no secret it happens with that said let's address a couple of problem's number one okay Dave so it's okay to give your opinions on games but when others have opinions on it it's not okay do you see how hypocritical that is that needs to stop and the whole not in time and effort there are some game industries that put in time and effort you don't you don't Dave you're too much of a lazy ass to put in effort and another thing what's this garbage of sending your dumb ass cucks to flag other channel's here's the thing Dave it's called fair use it's okay for you to bash other gamers and twitch streamers but when they bash you it's not okay keep that up Dave of eventually you for lagging other channels that's going to bite you in the ass because you know what's going to happen they are going to do the same to you and when that happens you can kiss your twitch goodbye that you didn't stop to think about that

  20. Victor Van Lier

    Another example of Phil forgetting his bullshit. He use to say that he was a PC builder. That people would contact him to build their PCs.

  21. Joe

    I love how the thumbnail is him playing with that greasy hair of his.

  22. DonDaGamerGuy

    dsp scary editing

  23. Dwi Chagi

    He just comes up with so many damn excuses on why he can't do this or that. This fucking guy is just lazy he can't play PC games for whatever dumbass reason, he can't hit the gym because the weights or bugged. I mean COME ON!!!!!!

  24. Kecu Kritiques

    There's some twisted irony about Phil basically saying that, as a consumer, he shouldn't have to think about how a company spends its money; while telling his fans – his consumers – to care about his finances.

  25. Superslothpants

    I love pc gaming but when I don't feel like troubleshooting, being connected to the internet, or other stuff I plug in the good ol ps2πŸ‘Œ.

  26. Kevfactor

    all you really need ins a 2nd school laptop and hook the elgeto to it. more complicated though. when you're trying to do a cast some of the bs pc pulls is pretty annoying when consoles just dont crash or want to update your windows version. πŸ™‚

  27. Amora Silverspark

    Damn, I see DSP is going the ol' "it has worked this way so far, why change it?" route. And he wonders why "his business" is not growing? Holy fuck, man! If you don't innovate, you don't grow! You don't grow, you don't earn more money! You don't earn more money, you go broke!

  28. Jonic Auramental Hedgehog III

    I hate how he defends GoW4 as he kisses the game's butt.

  29. margot robbie melissa benoist fan

    so all that stuff about him saying he built pcs and he is a tech guy was all a lie why am i not surprised.

  30. Stroheim

    GTG, making lazy people sound and look like dumb, stupid fucks one day at a time. πŸ‘Œ

  31. xEPICxYOSHIx

    Phil said he changed some things because 1 fan told him in an email, yet all these fans tell him to do PC and he won't do it, lying Phil? Yeah.

  32. Ludwig World Order

    DSP should just get it over with and buy a Kratos body pillow. I plan on playing GoW later this year but phil's constant SHILLING is a real turn off

  33. Jonic Auramental Hedgehog III

    Give dave a game and the first thing he does is blame the developers.

  34. DispairNL

    Again this prooves he just wants to stagnate and go down, If you realy consider youtube/gaming your job you should stay on top of the tecnology with it to give your viewers what they want or they simply fuck off to someone better . Everything can be learned some things more easy then another or some might take longer but yes it can be learned if you realy put the effort in , he doesnt he fails. O dear , how sad , Nevermind…

  35. funky D

    Didn't dave say one time he used to build pc's?

  36. Cizzymac

    Only Dave can take 10 minutes to answer a simple yes or no question.

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