Sea of Thieves E3 2015 Trailer vs Retail Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

Sea of Thieves has finally arrived so let’s have a look at latest Xbox One / Windows exclusive game and compare it to E3 2015 reveal gameplay trailer.
How many differences can you spot?
Please note it was necessary to adjust speed of retail footage for this comparison purpose – THERE WAS NO animation drops on Xbox One X (at least I didn’t encounter any)

I wish to thank Dziki Prosiak for enormous help with making this video. Cheers to you man!

Sea of Thieve Announcement trailer:

Music: Sneaky Business by Biz Baz Studio



  1. Alles

    Its the time u picked wrong please people try to understand the one was almost night, and thr kne he showed was early morning

  2. FlemoEFC1878

    looks the same apart from the the lighting and shadows which means one thing the sun is in a different position…you know that thing that happens in the sky the big round things moves up and down in a day and night cycle that changes the lighting and shadows…unless this is recorded at the EXACT time of in game day that the e3 demos was it cant be compared

  3. Hungrey Doggo

    it actually looks like an upgrade to me the new graphics look way better

  4. GoDoBeastBro

    Crapgamer would find a positive thing to say about xbox in this video. Lol

  5. Bass Unreal

    Downgrade kkkk

  6. Isaac Newbton

    goes into his display settings as he always does when playing his computer

    leans over a bit from his desk, looking at the console casuals

    "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there… Just let me finish tweaking the graphic setting to fit my rig.. Or at the very least look through all the coding , and find out how to actually make it look like that"


  7. Tez

    It sort of just looks like they made the shadows lighter and removed the yellow tint

  8. Ma Bruddah

    Sea of shit: downgrade reloaded

  9. AlienScout Qlves

    Ushsjdb the best downgrade…..
    Powerful downgrade.

  10. BRparanaue BR

    Downgrade fabuloso kkkk

  11. Ronny

    Video fake

  12. James {-}

    I should thank to Ubisoft now

  13. Nathan D

    This game is expensive for nothin

  14. WarnerLew Tv

    Errmmm is the one on left side its sequel?

  15. คุณ แมว


  16. korekiyo the ultimate anthropologist

    I have no words for this shit

  17. Jayce Donovan

    Your screen on right 1080p

  18. Suwan Yi

    iPhone vs android camera quality

  19. thesmartboy

    Look at that sexy ass downgrade

  20. Mine Antoiya

    On the left we see 60fps due to how smooth it is. On the right we see 30fps. Thanks Microsoft…

  21. Ivan Khalifa

    Microsoft this is all you can do? Sorry but sony is bangging your ass so hard that you don't even notice lol

  22. jose matons

    Buff pedazo de Downgrade!. Y eso que el juego graficamente es una castaña

  23. Richie Wells

    The game still looks good…just not as good…

  24. Dash120z

    Holy crap, what the fuck is this Rare?

  25. DJHeroMasta

    Hahahaha! Even with the downgrade, the game couldn't run at 60fps…smh.

  26. dv2244

    The game is still beautiful. I see no problem

  27. Greg Lopes

    I’ve played the beta. It’s beautiful visually and can be very impressive, specially the scale of things (like water physics interactions, game atmosphere, lighting, etc). I recall in a moment my ship sank after hitting a big mountain or something and when the waves came over I was under water and watched the ship vanishing in the deep, it felt impressive. Me and the other player survived. Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand at all what this game is about. No missions, no story structure, but I never played the final version, though. Maybe someday, it’s fun.

  28. Pacey Rich

    Xbox's no mans sky

  29. Heldentod

    PC looks much better

  30. TriggeredByGod

    This is why i hate e3 🙄

  31. #JK# MCPE

    100× Worse than ubisofts downgrades but they have not downgraded A single game since Rainbow six siege!Come at me Xbox fanboys!

  32. Silver Werewolf

    The 15 fps on the retail HAHAHA

  33. Buttered Funnybiscuit

    It's not that different. I see the shadows were toned down but everything is dependant on the time of day (affects lighting). Thr color pallet was changed and I can day this game is fuxking gorgeous.

    It still sucks though.

  34. Homework Radio

    Why is the footage on the right not smooth? you cant capture in 60 fps?

  35. Happy Emperor

    Microsoft is becoming Ubisoft. It looks like a mobile game. Xbox one x, lol, my ass

  36. TheGolden Saiyan

    Wonder if it's because the E3 trailer is on a PC

  37. Pepe Silvia Pennypacker

    Even if it had the E3 graphics, the game is empty, boring and cost 60 bucks

  38. KenGO

    Sponsored by Xbox x lol the irony

  39. Vinylscratch82

    Well of course live gameplay wont match the E3 trailer, the trailer was a pre rendered section of the map, they didnt have the entire map loaded, not that it would make a difference since the map is as bare as the skeleton in the trailer as well as the gameplay.

  40. Isaac Behar

    Still a pretty game, water is really well made.

    The only thing that they shouldn’t change is the enemy design, it looked good! Know it looks damn generic and ugly af. But just the enemy design. Everything else it’s still pretty

  41. Realmasterorder

    Trailer run on super PC 🙂

  42. Philip Proulx

    My game looks amazing that's not xbox one x graphics hes showing that's the original xbox

  43. Claudio Zepeda

    and thats on their new system?? hahahahha just leave the industry already xbox youre thrash

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