Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Challenge (ft. Bill Trinen from Nintendo)

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Check out more about Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition in Nintendo’s part 1 of it’s Character Highlight Series

32 Hours. 1000+ Miles. One Game. Bill Trinen from Nintendo has challenged me to Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. I must: beat the main story, AND complete all missions on Termina Map in Adventure mode. I got my ticket, I got my team, the Completionist isn’t one to back away from a challenge!

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Dive into another type of The Legend of Zelda experience with Hyrule Warriors on the Nintendo Switch. Cut down hordes of enemies with Dynasty Warriors-styled moves with familiar characters while exploring new story elements. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition is packed to the brim with new content with way more hours of gameplay that the previous Hyrule Warriors Legends. Go at it solo and command your other characters or team up with a friend to face off against the enemy armies. I didn’t get to play through Linkle’s storyline before and now I’m pretty excited about her. I hope she becomes a future staple character. Plus this game is expansive! Just when you think you’re done, BAM Wind Waker quests.

Let me know what you thought about my Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition review and challenge!

Music by Ben Briggs https://www.youtube.com/user/bbriggsmusic

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Thank you to Nintendo and Bill Trinen for this awesome experience. I had a blast with my Hyrule Warriors definitive edition review and can’t wait to play more!



  1. The Completionist

    A train leaves Los Angeles at 12:00 am, averaging 60 mph. Another train headed in the opposite direction leaves Seattle at 1:00 am, averaging 70 mph. To the nearest mile, how far are the two trains from each other at 3:00 am?

  2. KamuiLyn

    G O O D L U C K

  3. GamingVest

    Good on ya mate, I could never do that challenge Id get a splitting headache trying to play a game in a moving vehicle

  4. Afterburn 722

    I feel like Jirard walked right into that one

  5. Chris Pickaxe


  6. Spring Man

    It was cool that Bill Trinen and nintendo participated in this!

  7. Mildewed Duke

    That ending though 😂

  8. iliketowatch1978

    would smash

  9. Cykleo

    But if you lose, you'll have to dress up as my favorite character in the game… Ruto

  10. E S

    tingle tingle koloo limpa

  11. Lightmagician60

    So the completionist completed hyrule warriors… but not the dlc….. So you didn't complete hyrule warriors

  12. Philip Clarke

    The end dance XD

  13. playsthebass1

    I love how at the end the subtly of it being an ad wears off.
    I was torn when this game came out. I too put hundreds of hours into the WiiU version, and had just started the 3DS version when this was announced. It killed my motivation because I was already finding in the 3DS game, my characters were so weak and it would be awhile before I got to the new content that game had over the original. It's like all my hours in the WiiU version were for nothing.

  14. XSlash TV

    Did you at lease get the stuff?

  15. NRool

    >16 Hours just to beat Legends Mode.

  16. Colin Smith

    Who else knew that Bill was going to say Tingle?

  17. Gaming Gazebo

    Termeenah lol

  18. Deion Greenaway

    I like it try out

  19. Deion Greenaway

    I like it try out

  20. Hounds Craft

    Idiot bill shoulda said cia

  21. Ethan Swartz

    BILL?! BILL?! BILL?!

  22. Jonoth123

    I cant believe you beat Hyrule Warriors in 32h even if you didnt complete the challenge you have all of my respect

  23. Josh Earlston

    What happened to the old hyrule warriors review

  24. Andy Dude

    I’m a little late, but he could’ve just kept changing the switches date for the amiibo thing

  25. VidyaStuff

    Hmm I'd say have Jirard dress up as my favorite Hyrule Warriors character… but he doesnt have the chest to pull off Cia's look.

  26. Craig-iles Bagels

    i just had a day dream of a majoras mask remasterd (i want to play the first one and tried my cousins copy on the 3ds and didnt know what to do/where to go first also the graphics gave me horrible eye fatige (so a super clean sharp version would do me wonders))

  27. Mason Nelson

    Business partners are touring Nintendo "why is that fat mane dancing in a green spandex suit?" they ask, money spilling form their pockets. "He lost a bet" says Bill Trinen. Nintendo staff proceeds to pass out high fives and Capri Sun to everyone.

  28. Odd Deity

    That post credit scene will be a meme one day.

  29. dsproductions19

    9:28 It's a bit funny you say that, because everything new that you mentioned was already in Legends, which was a 3ds game…
    Also, nice dancing!

  30. Aaron Wichers

    Nice commercial!

  31. Romulino


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