Playing fortnite but with BOTS | Whos Chaos

So many Bots on fortnite nintendo switch , including me… lol

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Hello, I’m Whos Chaos. I upload funny gaming videos, moments and sometimes IRL videos with my friends! You can find me playing A LOT of Fortnite videos, so if that’s your thing, you’re in the right place!Subscribe if you’re new 🙂

Playing fortnite but with BOTS | Whos Chaos

Whos Chaos



  1. wolfy savage

    20 wins

  2. Irma escareno

    7:20 put that in slow-mo and it is a noob building

  3. TNT Gaming

    Also one was on the switch

  4. TNT Gaming

    I got two wins but more than you

  5. Kite Tenjo

    Why do i never play with bots 🙁

  6. Mad Madix

    I only have 2 solos. Still better them Who's chaos tho. Sugandese (nuts) WhosChaos

  7. Andy Tran

    Switch is mobile but with better quality and worser controls I’m guessing

  8. Retard Gaming

    I got 20 solo wins, not bragging but guys, its easy and comfortable, like ps4 is hard. Xbox is also ez (the controls)

  9. Retard Gaming

    Dudeim a pro at switch, legit lvl 61 XD TIER 71 TETWHHSBSBXNDNDNDJSKSKSJJSJ

  10. TylerUniversePlayz YT

    11:30 kid that’s allergic to a bee dies to a bee

  11. Damien Setaro

    Press this and carbide goes super saiyan blue 2:59

  12. brie searcy

    i only have 50 v 50 wins 😀

  13. Pineapple guy

    i have 4 solo

  14. Brooke Burrows

    To be honest…..:sigh: I suck at fortnite and I used to be good at it and then I SUCK AT ITA

  15. Yankees Fan21


  16. splashy !

    I'm sick of thisisiissiisis

  17. Not So Ace

    I still have 0 wins in anything.

  18. wafa mostafa-most

    I have 10 win with 115 ping

  19. Trunks ThegoatYt

    Ur really ass

  20. Red Eye

    the same for me 0 wins in solo , but I have some in duo and squad (and one lucky time I win somehow solo squads . But I have maybe 300 times in top 5 but in solo I will never win 🙁 BTW Noskin )

  21. J D


  22. J D


  23. purplemelon56 YT


  24. Rav En

    Why do I find black people funny?
    (No offense chaos) but you’re basically me favourite fortnite youtuber

  25. Alberto Navarro

    200 wins

  26. Not Thing

    Omg another Fortnite ad on a Fortnite video….

  27. ddark 06

    0 solo wins on switch

  28. Bryana Lovely

    I don't have any solo wins i only have one duos win with my bestie😘😋his name is mikal hes a goat

  29. Gamer21 boy123


  30. Maria :P

    I won a solos game because the last person killed themselves while trying to kill me

  31. Katie Davies

    I got 2 wins on solo, 2 wins on duo and 0 on squads… Yes I do play Fortnite Lol

  32. fresh meal 2wl

    You Dont have to put your name in the title

  33. Vipergaming

    Not to brag but I have 40 solo wins

  34. Queen Kahh

    I play with the switch it’s not that bad😂my highest kill is 7 but I’m like super proud of that because I’m so nooby

  35. Telefission

    Still looks better than what my PC could handle.


    I dont have a solo wins either and i played since aug 2017 im ashamed

  37. Jayden Daum

    I have 0 wins in solo as well, but I sure as hell can carry people in duos.

  38. Nikolas Christopherson

    Over 600 total Solo duo and squad games with 0 games


    I have 2 solo wins

  40. Aidan Bash

    I got 1 solo win

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