DAEMON X MACHINA Gameplay – Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2018

Check out more gameplay for DAEMON X MACHINA from the Nintendo show floor at E3 2018!

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  1. Danmarie Inting

    i want more Switch exclusive games like this

  2. bryan nguyen

    Reminds me of armored core!!

  3. you mad brah .default

    Zone of the enders any1?

  4. You wotmat

    Time to make Nineball again

  5. Rogelio Victoria

    Can’t wait to play this game. The art style reminds me of breath of the wild, I love it.

  6. Eric Terrell

    Good job Nintendo!!!!

  7. Player Orange

    Ah, I love the fact that the head of the mech is literally just the White Glint’s head from “Armored Core: for Answer”. The amount of excitement I have for this game is not describable in words.

  8. Davidnator467

    why was the smash theme in the background

  9. Kapamaru Jujitsu

    hyper hyped for this Armored core games with cartoon graphics.I love cartoony graphics

  10. Arashi Inazuma


  11. Theogrn

    Spiritual successor to armored core?

  12. White Knight

    Armored Core is back(sort of) I love it ;_;

  13. RoseKindred

    If I could afford it, this game would be why I would get a Switch followed by Octopath Traveler.

  14. TheGoldminor

    Not to mock anthem, but you can practically tell the difference between japanese and american adaptation of a co-op combat mech game.

    Between daemon x machina and anthem.

  15. MythicalSalmon

    Looks cool but I expect more variety of gameplay and more action on anime style, it feels the same way that Anthem, empty…

  16. MasterKcoop

    This looks sick.

  17. MasterKcoop

    This game looks sick

  18. leadhesh

    What’s the point? Is there a story mode?

  19. GunDan 03

    That red mech… sound like char!?

  20. MonthOLDpickle

    For English version, will we be able to get the Japanese Voice over? Also as where I live I can get the Japanese version anyways – will that have English text?

  21. Dat Boi

    Well, I’m on the hype train

  22. Classified Info

    Will this have online multiplayer? I would love to play this with friends

  23. Jesus Osvaldo Broch

    This game looks like so much fun, Nintendo should give more spotlight to their other exclusives, not just first party ones.

  24. Gabe S-V

    They had me at customizable mech

  25. António

    I cant unsee those charecter large hips

  26. Itsy go

    It looks cool! The art style looks great, but it seems the camera angle kinda weird.. idk why…

  27. Tiz Ger

    hopefully you are able to customise your mech like a cyberdragon or something

  28. Spezifischable

    Looks good. Something about the graphics looks exactly like Zelda: Breath of the Wild to me. Probably the same engine.

  29. Bigbad Crawford

    It looks like the same engine used as Zelda botw. Could be wrong.

  30. Raime 1245

    Release date?

  31. Uchenna Uwaoma

    Yo that's a Karasawa at 3:47

  32. Stereo Player DX

    Pitié… Un mode multijoueur svp

  33. Cory Winston

    So we not gonna talk about how bad she was at this game and how she should never be used to play another game at E3?

  34. ZUmokuza Minus

    I'm waiting for daemon x machina:Royale

  35. ZUmokuza Minus

    If it's a game where I can fly around in a big space, I'm sold.

  36. T SMACKS

    Doesn't look fun. But so glad crash and Dbz came👌🏿


    This game deserve more attention!

  38. Nun Yabusiness

    This looks so dope! Makes me want a Xenoblade X port even more now.

  39. møjo

    I wonder if theyll put an online multiplayer mode, I could see a competetive potential in this game

  40. MilesMorales834

    Nintendo Games that I'm hyped for
    Smash Bros Ultimate
    Daemon X Machina
    Octopath Traveler
    Super Mario Party
    Pokemon Lets Go

  41. F1NAL 1Z3

    I feel the movement looks a little too smooth or fast for my taste… I want, at least, when you're moving, a little bit of screen shake. Everything looks a little weak otherwise, I guess.

  42. Carl Zerris

    Sunrise please give Nintendo the license for Gundam games. If this is any indication they will do a far better job then Scamco

  43. RockyD12

    Definitely gonna buy this. I hope they add splitscreen and some kinda deatmatch multiplayer mode and hopefully some diffrent environment

  44. Nestiray

    I hate that the translator pauses with an uh every 2 or 3 words, I can barely understand him.

  45. Sephirex

    "Whatever kind of character you want"
    As long as you want a white/pale-skinned character apparently because I see no skin color options here AT ALL… I hope that gets fixed.

  46. Are you Serious?

    I’ll buy it

  47. Algaroth

    i love the style of this game (I mean the art), but I hate that the whole game happens while flying

  48. marcovi2806

    These cellshaded graphics look absolute breathtaking 😍


    Seems really good.I hope the developers will create something that will not become tiring after 2 hours of gameplay.

  50. Dog King

    Nice, been wanting another AC but Fromsoftware only seems interested in souls like games.

    This will do, I like the graphical style a lot.

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