Semblance Release Date Trailer – Nintendo Switch

The world-busting puzzle platformer from independent South African developer Nyamakop, Semblance is available now on Nintendo Switch™ through the Nintendo eShop!

A winner of multiple special honors from gaming shows throughout development for its unique gameplay and aesthetic, Semblance bubbles with colorfully stylish art design, atmospheric audio effects and an engaging storyline that unravels organically as you explore.

Semblance is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB. For more information, visit

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  1. SuperMrL

    This looks like a great game.i might buy it

  2. Great Wall of Norman

    Horrible logo. Game looks amazing and creative though!

  3. Nathaniel Rowe

    Met the devs at Pax East, been hyped a long time for this game

  4. Yoruichi Shihouin

    This looks pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to playing this💯

  5. Time Killer

    In my head when I saw this I thought "end is nigh clone" but now.. I think it's much cooler than a clone.

  6. Angry Rabbit

    "deform yourself" -2018

  7. Ariel Villanueva

    When the video started I was like "This looks pretty but just like another meatboy (I lnow it's not the only nor the first of its kind) inspired game", and then there was the deforming thing, and now I'm looking forward to buy this game on the launch day. I need more and more money to play all these eshop fantastic games. Maybe it's the nostalgia talking,
    considering I just watched a video about how Nintendo saved the industry back in 1983, but I can't be more happy with the decision of buying a Switch over getting a PS4 again (had to sell it a few months ago, it will have to wait). Now it's 4:38 a.m. and I'm just here thinking and aprecciating all the things Nintendo has done in my life, being there by my side whatever I've been through. All those minds working together with the only purpose of giving us magical and wonderful worlds, stories and adventures (I'm not talking about the game in the trailer specifically). Thanks, Nintendo. And specially thanks to Miyamoto-San, for being a part of my triforce of entertainment, side by side with Walt Disney and Hideo Miyazaki. <3 Without forgetting to mention Iwata 😍 and his lovely labour to the company. I hope I can be there to see all the things to come in decades of fun with my future family, now being I the one that can show all the "old" games to my son or daughter, just as my uncle (not THAT uncle) did in my childhood.

  8. Pzychozis


  9. CashCow Whiz

    So your telling me it’s not the end is nigh?

  10. Morgan Milligan

    I know what I’m getting after I finish Hollow Knight!

  11. Hailey Dixon

    The most conincidental thing about this is that Semblance is (according to this trailer) going to be released the day before my birthday. (I don't even own a switch XD)

  12. LIL BOI

    Plz add roblox to the switch

  13. Vesmir NG-3

    This is going to be the best puzzle game!

  14. SuperMunkeh

    Looks really cool, definitely on my list of games to check out!

  15. FISHY

    Hmmm… Don't have a switch but when I get one this is on my list to buy.

  16. Crystalitar

    Very cool concept

  17. AnaxErik4ever

    Instead of the world destroying you, like in other side-scrolling games like this one, YOU are destroying the world to move ahead. Interesting, not to mention that little blob looks a bit like a jujube.

  18. Awesome Possume

    0:00 E

  19. Elvijs Krūmiņš

    indiesindiesindies! Gotta love em. Especially for a 330+ Eur Console! (mandatory sd cards not included)

  20. Humza Mohammed

    Slime sa- no

  21. Andie Saumet

    Se ve buenisimo, me encantaria jugarlo.

  22. Dan Cal

    World of Goo + Twilight Realm = I'm buying this!!!

  23. TheDaringPastry1313

    music reminds me of world of goo

  24. Vernon Benton

    I like this indie platformer… never been in to things like meatboy, this is more my deal

  25. Christopher Tyler

    The End is Supermeat boy…

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