WarioWare Gold – 3 Minutes of Nintendo Themed Microgames (5-Volt)

WarioWare Gold introduces 5-Volt, an all-new Nintendo loving character and mother of 9-Volt. Check out this exclusive gameplay clip of her Nintendo classics microgames in action!

WarioWare Gold – Announcement Trailer

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  1. milotickz

    I’m so tempted to buy this game!

  2. Leon Bradshaw Plays HD

    My high score is 47

  3. stomper1232

    Wasn’t expecting a 5 Volt stage, I was expecting another random remix stage with another Jimmy T clone like in Touch and Smooth moves

  4. スペシャルたくたくTV


  5. ALDO Nueve

    1:13 I guess pressing left was too dificult…that's IGN for you….

  6. Platinum Warpstar

    funny how we go from 5-Volt from Game & Wario, who was literally a freaking demon, to this 5-Volt, and she still acts the same in this game when she's around 9-Volt

  7. Vu Pham

    Just as I suspected, 5-Volt(9-Volt's mother) has become a new host of WarioWare Gold. As you know, 5-Volt is my favorite female WarioWare character. She host of Nintendo Microgames.

  8. Myuacc1 Inc.

    "WarioWare Gold introduces 5-Volt, an all-new Nintendo loving character and mother of 9-Volt."

    cough cough Game & Wario cough cough

  9. Tu Rincón Anime TV

    Aburrido, es UN juego para niños no mayores de 12 años, espere algo de UN warioLand, 🙁

  10. TheRealDaffy


  11. 904 mappy


  12. The Gaming Lion

    She's so cute when she's not trying to get you to sleep!

  13. Smile ツ

    Where's the Nintendo Switch microgame?

  14. Nairu

    Would love to see a switch port of this, perhaps with more features?

  15. LPSFilms

    The music is actually catchy in this stage 😂

  16. CEB404 Animações e talz

    Edit: only I noticed that the lil fellas at the reward part are from rhythm heaven? I think I saw them in working dough 2:thinking:

  17. Shaffy


  18. LPSFilms

    This needs to be released for the switch

  19. The Cosmic Clone

    I'm glad that 5-Volt is a nice, encouraging person instead of a demon mom that spies on her kid.

  20. TenchiGames

    Is that Cherami Leigh?

  21. Two Brothers chaine abandonnée

    Where's 9 volt ?

  22. GlitchMaster2

    Neat. There's a stage based around the mother this time.

  23. Montanachief The Second

    Pushmo??? I thought I was the only one who remembered that game!

  24. It's Me, Sam.

    g o l d s t a r

  25. 00Reborn

    Warioware was the best Gba game 🔥

  26. Diego Estrada

    1:36 a fire emblem microgame? That's new

  27. xbl productions

    Actually 5 volt was introduced in game and wario

  28. Great Cave Offensive

    Fun Fact:
    The Boss battle is actually a reference to 9-volt's boss battle from Warioware inc/the first game.

  29. Julio gamer

    1:02 im the only one that notice that This is a Wario Ware D.I.Y remake?

  30. Chronicler J

    Is that Cristina Vee?

  31. The Raging Pikmin

    Does 9 volt not do Nintendo classics anymore

  32. HyruleGaming

    compra asegurada

  33. PAIR-A-SOX

    The muscular dude looks like a combination of Gordon Ramsay, The Rock, and Jimmy Neutron.

  34. sans 123

    She dosent know 9 volt is playing games

  35. pancham

    she is not an all-new character, she made a brief appearance in twisted and made her first full appearance in game and wario during gamer. she is a notable stage hazard in the gamer stage in smash bros.

  36. HazardxMemes

    I really want this to get ported yo the switch if not I’ll just buy it on the ds at Christmas

  37. 904 mappy


  38. Artzei 2.0

    Is that Brock?

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