Next Xbox leaked, Project Scarlett | What will “Next Gen” For Xbox be like?

Xbox has an amazing E3 2018 conference and announced and showed off a ton of awesome games. Something that was mentioned by Phil Spencer that I don’t see many people talking about is the next Xbox. The next Xbox is reportedly codenamed Project Scarlet and will feature multiple console’s. The new report is claiming it will be launching in 2020. In this video I talk about how I think Microsoft will approach the “Next Gen” Xbox.





  1. ll MBG ll

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    I find it very interesting that Phil Spencer decided to actually talk about the next Xbox consoles during e3 2018. Even though it was only briefly mentioned there was a clearly a reason for it. I believe one of those reasons is to reassure everyone that they are not abandoning the console space because many people like to believe they are. I think the other reason is to prepare gamers for a different approach to "Next Gen". Something we haven't seen done before. It's very clear to me that Xbox in 2018 wants to do things differently and they are willing to shake things up big time. I could be completely wrong but this is my best guess at what will happen when it comes to the next Xbox consoles.

  2. Owen Velazquez

    Xbox exclusives:vigor,cuphead,pubg,ori,halo,forza,gears,rare replay,sea of thieves,state of decay not to mention they have rare witch has tons of game franchises that they can use

  3. Danzig Hjalmur

    Xbox will be Cross platform and Backwards compat from now on. Until Phil Stops hitting home runs.

  4. Nick C

    Simple. Everytime they make the 3rd model/design of that Xbox, they'll announce next gen.

  5. enrique figueroa

    They might as well make another Xbox since they got blown away this gen and the X is a failure

  6. Joseph Shatrowsky

    My X is powerful, give me great games for my X. Don’t care about next gen honestly

  7. 4Gaming

    Wrong its not not going to be an iteration,because there will be next gen only games that exist… What will happen is backwards compatibility and cross gen titles but there will be next gen exclusives like the games that bethesda game studios is making…

  8. Thapelo Charles

    Dude ease up on the ads, your videos are good but the ads.

  9. Agent RedShirt

    I think. New Xbox will replace the X. The X will be the new base model. And the S will be phased out.

    Then we’ll finally start seing what the X can do without the S holding it back.

  10. Agent RedShirt

    I’m glad they are focusing more on performance this time around. Not just pretty pixels.

  11. Lee marshall

    These same people who complain are the ones who change there $900 phones every year

  12. AhhCmon

    Nintendo makes a profit off of every console

  13. Turkboyz20

    They will talk more about the next Xbox in 2019 but won’t release till holiday 2020

  14. Turkboyz20

    I feel like they should have acquired more bigger studios that can make really good triple A games I like the idea of initiative and playground games but that’s it all the other guys I think are meh

  15. JDM417

    Phil Spencer is the biggest bullshitter of all time. 😂

  16. Michael Smith

    That $500 price tag was…. ooh boy! I hope Microsoft is smart enough not to give up on this gen.

  17. komiszkrissz

    – do you think that with this announcement Phil basically gave up on XBOX One? Basically there's a full generation where this platform didn't get any "groundbreaking" game and new studios definitely won't arrive before the next-gen.

  18. Tyler Wells

    I also think they are preparing to compete with the PS5. The x is out and I would assume Sony will try to match or exceed the Xbox One X. Well since Microsoft was developing the next one now, they'll be able to present an even better console than the PS5 and then constantly stay ahead of Sony

  19. Darren Turner

    What's point in Microsoft bringing another console out when they have done nothing for the x I think it's a kick in the teeth for those who got and I am one of them

  20. Rev

    Doesn't matter if it does not have games. Need NEW games don't back back old one.

  21. Baren Ziah

    why wouldn't you jump in, you are the xbox fanboy crowd so scarlet is made for you and your chums, you can sell your x to someone else moving up from an S,
    xbox will probably make a new powerful box every 2 or 3 years now until they turn into streaming boxes as the tech moves on

  22. iempire100

    halo isn't coming out till the next xbox. Or any of the games from the studios they mentioned at E3. So why everyone is so happy and throwing xbox praise, i'm not getting it. that's still this year and 1 or 2 more years of exclusives drought. With 2017 pretty bland, that's a 4 or 5 year slump in games. I think xbox is going to dump the xb1 and start over.with powerful hardware and a strong line of studios. They have to just cut the cord and move on. The power difference of the next xbox vs all the other xb1s will be too much to make it logical.

  23. Dasmesee

    So wait till E3 huh? Lets see what happened…

    Halo Gears Forza, Multiplats
    5 new studios 3 that ppl already assumed were MS owned cause they make Xbox games. 1 Studio that is low budget and Ninja Theory which is ok but nothing spectacular.
    Gamepass talk and implications they going to streaming.
    Ummm… yea ok Basically they have nothing else and if everything is going to PC what is point of the console? You idiots keep buying more Xbox consoles and getting burned lol 1X is a flop deny it all you want changes nothing numbers don't lie. Xbox is a a joke and you giys have no narratives left E3 done and you still have nothing meanwhile Sony still pumping games out so now what?

  24. Tony

    Wow…… You need to tell your unicorn to stop with the rainbows

  25. [Insert Username]

    "Yeah, hey guys! Remember that $500 you shelled out for an Xbox One, and then another $500 for an Xbox One X? Just hang in there tight, exclusives are coming your way, but they're coming for the Xbox Scarlett". 😂😂😂😂

  26. Dasmesee

    1X not even 9 months old and a new console already?!!😂😂😂 . Haven't MS learned anything yet it's about the games no matter what Xbox doesn't have any talent to match Sony's army of Talented devs and Sony is double downing on exclusives which Xbox will NEVER be able to keep up with Thats basically 17 Studios all doing multiple IP's while Xbox pumping out 1 or 2 at a time. Sony got next gen by the throat New Xbox DOA.

  27. Mr. SEA

    MS does not have a store remotely like Steam on PC, so unless products are their own, they make nothing on games created on PC. However, on Xbox they make money on Gold and all games made in their stores, so they require a console to keep this situation. I think though, that now both Sony and MS are continuing with AMD tech, backward compatibility is now very possible. This is good for gamers and developers. Regarding new consoles, I expect nothing earlier than November 2020, when improved, smaller die sizes and more powerful Tech is more affordable than today. So, I should have 2 more years with my Scorpio and my Pro. The X by 2020 can be a cheaper, bottom model console, while the Xbox One S will be discontinued. The S is simply improved 2013 tech, that was not powerful even in 2013. Phil is talking about next gen because Sony is and he has to let Xbox fans know that Xbox will continue into next gen.

  28. RPGaming

    Yeah I also think they're preparing for the future and that the next-gen is coming sooner than initially expected.

    Bethesda(BGS) also said their upcoming games(Starfield & TES VI) are going to be next-gen and Starfield has been in development for years now and is already playable.

    I think next-gen may be announced next year, but released in 2020, many signs are pointing towards it.

    I personally don't know how to feel about it.
    On one hand I'm excited to see what next-gen could bring to us, but on the other hand I'm a bit concerned that I just wasted a lot of money upgrading to Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

  29. Stiven_PH

    Well finally microsoft admit xbox1 x is #mistake haha!

  30. Chris Wade

    You're reading way into this bruh. Chill.

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