How to play PS4 / PS3 / Xbox Controller on Phone / Tablet – iOS or Android (Fortnite, PUBG Any Game)

How to play PS4 / PS3 / Xbox Controller on Phone / Tablet (Fortnite, PUBG / Any Game)

Did you know you can use your PS4 Controller on your Phone / Tablet, doesn’t matter if its an Apple device or Android device, it’s BlueTooth ready!

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  1. iHeidi

    2:26 “I wanna play this game while I’m taking a poop” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. Wanna1v1Maybe ?


  3. Anka 4life

    I go to Bluetooth i dont see wrileles controler

  4. Zander 9256

    11k congrats yo

  5. Ugandan Knuckles god

    I tried on iPad didint work

  6. Lucas Mitchell

    I got connected but it doesn't let me play fortnite with it. What do I do?

  7. 100,000,000 000,000 subscribers

    I wonted to ask you for help

    Mines says it’s connected but won’t work it won’t move the dam player in Minecraft won’t move that ngga Steve won’t move

  8. Wielka Ciota

    Is it working with iPhone 6s ?

  9. Rubentoo

    Its working with iPhone SE?

  10. Hermes Kilapi

    Doesn’t work on iPad Air 2

  11. Shampoo Shark

    Doesn’t work

  12. Kirito Kirigaya

    It doesn't work I spent 45 min on this when I got I thought I could play but it doesn't work

  13. That’sThatBoyQuise

    Does this shit still work before I watch

  14. Racoon 24

    This guy is a fucking lier

  15. Expert studios506

    I have a problem

  16. HandsomeFab

    yes its connected but how you make the configuration on fortnite to work with the pad like on a xbox or pc

  17. 11_theboy Savage

    Head set

  18. Gabenerraw

    how do i use the controller?

  19. Alec 55

    This video is ass

  20. Frederik Møller

    that is not working for me

  21. Infinix

    It does not work

  22. Basilis Mitzelos

    Thank you it works

  23. Joshua Nichole’s

    I try this on my iPad I will not wrok

  24. chee. wudi9592

    You have a like and follow

  25. unknown boy

    Can you do this on ps3 controller

  26. Josue Zarca

    Would it work with a ps3 controller??

  27. TheOyadGamer !!!

    Why is ur phone bent

  28. diego Alison-silva

    HOLY SHIT IT Works

  29. Heather Parong

    Sadly mine doesn’t show up under wireless controller or at all. 😩 help??

  30. Mintie: Channel for boredom!

    ALSO on Xbox how do you do that comparing thing because this is no fucking share button on Xbox controllers nobhead

  31. Mintie: Channel for boredom!

    So you didn’t do actual gameplay to prove it works because you’re a nob, nice dude

  32. Julius Bralami

    Mine keeps popping up as MIBOX3 and tells me to put in a codes

  33. Billy Snooz

    There is no wireless controller setting!!!!!

  34. Error 57

    Mine isn't connecting!!!!

  35. ÀŁÌ

    Clickbait 😒😒😒

  36. Nikeira Wright

    How do u use it on fortnite tho

  37. Carrie Peel

    You can get banned for cross controlling

  38. Xxkyrie 2

    Me have iPhone 6s Plus and it won’t pair ?

  39. Isayah M

    Does not work try for an freaking hour dude

  40. AJGames900

    The option doesn’t pop up on my screen. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, PLS HALP MEHS

  41. francisco valdez

    Why can’t my controller not work

  42. Shaye Govender

    It doesn’t work with my iPad Pro 2018 it just cumes up with headset

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