Minecraft Xbox – Easter Feature [608]

A) Polly Reindeer – http://bit.do/ectXy
B) William Beaver – https://bit.ly/2H0z8uT
C) Fizzy Elephant – https://bit.ly/2H07gqH
D) Veeva Dash – https://bit.ly/2pVa6VM

Part 609 – https://youtu.be/W6C1BQCXICM

Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

In this episode you can play the interactive Easter Feature quiz.

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  1. Kids LeMasney

    Stampy what do you call a dog in the sun….. a hot dog hahahahahhahahaha

  2. sc171

    I got 7 eggs

  3. Heather Rose

    Vervain Dash

  4. sun shibo


  5. Sullivan Rice

    veeva dash

  6. super cat 1019


  7. super cat 1019

    Stampy I've been watching this channel for so long I've watched it since I was 5 now I'm 12 and I still enjoy the content keep it up

  8. Ethan Pizza

    D vd

  9. caden dicky

    veeva dash

  10. enrique casarez


  11. Ryan Davis


  12. SuperMax 57911

    Stampy it dosen’t make sense you can’t have built out of end stone or pur pur block because you said that there are no strongholds in your world

  13. Laurie Hughes

    I made a stampy head

  14. Adelina Rosu


  15. Nex0siti

    veva dash is the right answer

  16. DiEm KenzieBaylon

    Veeva dash

  17. datsyuk41292


  18. datsyuk41292


  19. Erin's Life

    What gender do you think the easter bunny is

  20. Christina Gantz

    veeva dash

  21. Clara Galvin

    how do I go to the description

  22. Clara Galvin

    I think it's fever dash

  23. Susan Grimsley


  24. Susan Grimsley

    Hi where do you live

  25. Carlos Gonzalez

    For some reason some of the links are not working D:Β  So I have to click the wrong one in order to continue on

  26. Connor Stallins

    d is gone

  27. TLG-Gaming


  28. Marlo Taala

    I only got three

  29. Bazil LALANI


  30. MARIAN Gaken

    1 d

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