Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct 8.8.2018 Live Reactions at Nintendo NY


  1. SickySicko

    2:31 That lady on the left couldn't handle Luigi dying.

  2. Alexier

    Too loud

  3. liaka Blaze

    Whi came here to see how they would react to king k rool

  4. Josh Riley

    The intro was way too long.

  5. DopeyCat Stop motion

    Rip shovel knight

  6. Skally63

    The guy at the front.
    Guy: shut up

  7. Lime Man

    Where is poke floats

  8. Thommy Goot

    2:40 That kid with the blue shirt on the left is not hyped at all for Simon or Ritcher

  9. Extol

    Rip iwata

  10. Anthony Rebuffo

    best intro ever

  11. MrNobodyX3

    If you're yelling "shut-up" why the fuck are you there; watch from home

  12. Darkness X03

    Ngl I wanna punch whoever kept saying shut up lol. So annoying

  13. Cap Gamer 10

    Super Smash Bro Weebs

  14. FrozenFlame

    The dude in the blue at the front is a dog my dudes.

  15. UndefinedError

    I don't like how that hag on the left side of the screen is just recording them. It makes me uncomfortable. Fucking saggy ass whore.

  16. RedShadow42x

    Over 9000! If Waluigi was in it😢

  17. FANB

    >1 minute intros
    I thought we were done with this shit in 2007

  18. TOC Hil


  19. el nackels :v

    poor luigi ;-;

  20. el nackels :v

    que pedo cpn la pinchi intro :v

  21. It’s ye boi Kermit

    On Nintendo fans will scream for another blue haired anime swordsman

  22. It’s ye boi Kermit

    I love Nintendo and all of there games but the fans are SO obnoxious

  23. Lucas G

    When they announced krool

  24. B. Drill

    420 dislikes something's going on here

  25. Allarounduser809

    one day if I go to the Nintendo store in New York. I will act really cringey and crazy as shit just to see people's reactions lmao.

  26. Braxton McCord

    NO SHOVEL KNIGHT??? NANI??? 😢😢😢😢😢😢😵😵😵😵😵😵😡😡😡😡😡😡😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  27. MaxN'Motion

    lol why were people expecting subspace with those villains right before the King K. Rool trailer???

  28. Cleveland George

    Conan and son rages into smash !

  29. Dan

    What a bunch of virgins

  30. Invisible Jewel


  31. itsguy 246

    That intro doe

  32. goldkid1987 ayee_its gold

    My BoDy iS reAdY

  33. uchiha genji

    I'll admit this is gonna be hype but I still wouldn't mind sora

  34. TheVideoGameManiac

    2:20 I would've LOVED to see the Mario costume guy react to this.

  35. Lord TiMzki

    Nihongo Gamer on the left??

  36. RT Tuber

    Bring walawiji to smash ultimate

  37. Rman Nayr


  38. Rman Nayr


  39. jojohernandezGames

    video summary in 5 seconds…

  40. FilthyTrap


  41. Curttehmurt

    it's funny I was just at the NYC store the week before

  42. Jojo Stark

    >DLC shows up

  43. Isaac Camacho


    Lmao this kid should just stay at home then.

  44. Patrick Powell

    That opening tho!

  45. †Leonic 458

    Holly shit game is 30fps.
    Things gonna go crazy at online battles

  46. EpicD0m

    “AY YO SHUT UP!”

  47. Firlow

    Is it just me or is their stream audio off sync?? lol

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