Fortnite | Can A Pro Controller Make You Better? SCUF Impact Review

3 months ago I made contact with Scuf the manufacturers of the controllers used by most pro ps4 and Xbox One players. My task was simple I wanted to know if their controllers they offer can make me a better player at Fortnite. I watched reviews on Scuf controllers online and either found the reviewer slating the product without explaining the issues or worse still the reviewer was partnered with Scuf, leading me to distrust them even though they were endorsing a product they believed in whole heartedly.

Scuf kindly sent an impact controller in bright pink… because I have an unhealthy obsession with that colour but more importantly they have given me free reign in my review and not attempted to contact me during the review process. So please let me state once and for all I am not sponsored by SCUF, all opinions are my own.

After 3 months of use, The plan is to go through the great things the scuff impact offers before looking at a few issues to consider, so With that out of the way… lets do this.

1. Why use a pro controller? Here’s the basics
2. Jump and aim simultaneously Never loose control
3. Building advantage – I’m still learning btw
4. Remapping buttons – Shoot with a back paddle? Go for it
5. Hair-trigger – Snipe instantly
6. Thumbsticks- Customize everything
7. Things to consider – Cost Not cheap
8. Potential problems – Will everything work?
9. Unresponsive or slight delay? Maybe it Needs a clean?
10. Form factor – PS4 or Xbox shapes
11. So, is it worth it? Only you can decide



  1. PlayStationGrenade

    Ever used a pro controller? Please share your thoughts below.

  2. Theo karlsen

    Do scuffed vs standar 👌👌

  3. Earl Jheric Tan

    I didn't even needed a pro controller because if you mastered it there is no problems

  4. Rayhan J 2.0

    Who else thinks scuff is too expensive

  5. Trollocus

    Don't play fortnite

  6. anonym 1

    I was like " oh, I'll try that!" then I saw the price… 😂

  7. Ruku//

    1st point: play claw and that wont happen with a normal controller

  8. Er Lol

    I’m pretty tryhard and I don’t need a scuf

  9. Pure cringe

    My friind got a scuff back in April and it was amazing so I got my own

  10. Oh yea Yea

    That design is sooooo good

  11. EnDuX_Catalyst

    How did you personalize the back of the controller, I can't on the website

  12. vF Boltzz

    Arghh another youtuber making fun of the claw. I dont get how its uncomfortable i use it all the time and i have 1k wins on fortnit

  13. Sandman Live

    Ummm. Scuf is NOT a pro controller. Its a gimic controller. U need a Razer or a Nacon. The Scuf can't compete with either. The Scuf doesn't even use micros. Oh and Razer and Nacon are licensed by Sony. Scuf is not for good reason. I did a full scuff review and explained all this in great detail on my channel. Plug plug. Hope it helps.

    Yes Im anti scuf, but for really good reason. Scuf is a sponsored lie.

  14. Ya' Boi Vido

    buy a pc

  15. Staliy TV

    What a funny thumbnail

  16. Samuel Taboola

    Three words custom button adjustment

  17. NoahEpic

    Or you just play claw….

  18. LolM8s_It'sMarius! :3

    How do you even play on controller? For me, it's impossible.


    On the part where it says you don’t wanna press x and move you known there’s auto run right

  20. Surfaey

    This is why Nintendo switch joycons are great. You can aim while pressing buttons. Who needs a some what more advanced controller when you have joycons! Ps. I really think the motion controls are great, if you have a Nintendo switch try it out.

  21. Chims Loyalty

    Just saying Nacon controller is also very good the pro revolutions are like a scuff xbox controller and strikepack fps dominator in one

  22. Mineldo Albania

    lel for 200$ i can get a pc to play fortnite

  23. TBNRfrosty 🐧

    I hate it when i run in to people using scuffcontrollers. Just because your aim sucks and you are not good at fortnite doesnt mean you can cheat by using an unfair advantage

  24. Diamond Husky

    Thank you guys the comments i really cant afford this scuff controller but i am on playstation and i tried remaping r3to x and it works well thank you guys in the comments really shared a nice thought!

  25. Mighty Miget

    Do the Xbox elite controller

  26. t h

    “not sponsored” looks in the top right corner

  27. t h

    am i the only one who uses their middle fingers for the triggers and “pointing” fingers for the bumpers?

  28. Meme Meme

    How will it take 600 hours to get used to a controller

  29. winnie gut

    All you need to do is go to accessibility in the settings and change X to R3 so u can jump and look around at the same time

  30. SaltyPug

    I have had a scuf impact for around 1 week, and I've got to say, I'm loving it. When the controller first got delivered I had the same issue with the thumbsticks, but I took them out and put them back in and it worked pretty well. However, a few days ago my 'X' button was not responding on title screens in games, this worried me alot, but I then found out that my trigger hair was done up to tight. After loosening my trigger hair and leaving my controller for a while it worked again! I recommend this controller but make sure your careful with it!

  31. lightning-fortnite

    You can say fortnite is pay to win ??????

  32. FORTNUT bushboi

    I got an Xbox elite controller and extra thumbsticks of different kinds come with it

  33. Kc slugs

    Fortnite is the dumb game u have to spend thousands to upgrade shooting skill or gameplay period . Dumbest thing ever all other shooter pvp game I'm an ace with the basic ps4 pro controllers . Fortnite needs to quit . All jokes aside tho I'll still buy it lmao just because

  34. Kc slugs

    Great video

  35. James Cooke

    Nacon revolution is better 😜

  36. Faris The Gamer

    Activision tackled that issue by clicking r3 to jump in cod

  37. Ash 98

    I use claw so I don’t need this shit

  38. mykneegrows

    He just wanted a scuf

  39. Josh 7

    I play Claw and it makes shotgun jump shots kinda difficult but sometimes you can get a lucky flick 😂

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