Minecraft Xbox – Do Not Jump [637]


  1. Alex X5

    I drawed you when you ate cake

  2. CB Productions

    I can’t stress how much nostalgi you give me you are amazing I love you and I hope to meet you some day cheers!

  3. Robby FNAF 5 & 6

    Do 638

  4. IceMage6824

    Do more Mario Maker!!

  5. Zxelfa Quinns

    God I haven't seen this in years…

  6. Angelica Bless Balbeja

    so many words😂

  7. Demon darcy

    You are da best

  8. Demon darcy

    Ive watched all your lovely world videos since the first episode

  9. Demon darcy

    2 crafting tables

  10. Charito Dimaano

    Stampy play dbxv2

  11. PowerUpToTheMax extras

    Just curious will you ever upgrade the Xbox One Edition as there is an option I believe to transfer the Minecraft save data upon upgrading to the Xbox One Edition you can then use that upgrade her to go to the Bedrock Edition by the way

  12. Krittaphol Menon

    Is the teleport rly work

  13. Jon Turk

    Why don't you have your friend talk with you?

  14. Gameplay gamer

    Map download???

  15. Cam Street

    Do not jump challenge scary videos (99% fail)

  16. Marcus Napoli

    Make a telloscope

  17. Barbara Hill

    What's stampys username I want to friend him mine is angelgirl71

  18. The Gaming Squad

    I haven't watched you for AGES!

  19. My Baby Brother #miniyoutuber

    I think youll make 4-5 crafting tables

  20. Creeper Caster

    If you want a long pulse use a pulse extender not 1000 repeaters.

  21. Jessica Welsh






  24. Jemm Rebato

    Did somebody heard a sound when he was going down his secret base

  25. Ali Devine

    You presed butten 3 on the telaporter insted of 2

  26. Andrew Lorenz-Juhl

    Roses are red Violet's are blue stampy is awesome do you think so too

  27. Ethan Durflinger

    Stampy every time you make a crafting table in your lovely world you have to do a forfeit
    Make Stampy see this

  28. Sadia Omer

    Your videos are the best best best (I am your number one fan 😺!!!!????)

  29. loki and friends with toby

    Stampy the way you use Redstone looks so confusing

  30. Goofball the ghost

    I haven't watch this guy in a long time and his intro has never changed or his characters personality…I love it

  31. xTyRex0


  32. lucasparty1000 Wiles

    Stampy great work on your funland

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