Minecraft Xbox – Tall Tower [641]


  1. prestrat53

    i will invite you to a xbox360 world to night when you get up

  2. Caulfield Gaming 2K8

    How bad can you get

  3. Barnaby Racer

    my neem i's barnaby 'O'

  4. NiAmH WiLsOn

    00:05 helper want to accompany stumpy.

    stumpy close door in hulper face


  5. Ollie Heath

    I remember when I used to watch this a few years ago

  6. Jennifer Paterson

    fizzy got smart

  7. CdaMack 105

    your cammy's favorite youtuber

  8. CdaMack 105

    plz add my bro he loves ur vids and really wants to be added into the love garden his name is cammy

  9. Manuela Calderon

    Stamp you are my favorite YouTuber go stampy

  10. ScaryDragon

    Been here since 750k. Love you stamps.

  11. YTdude 9999

    Do a face reveal for your helpers please

  12. Isla Hill

    Yay road to 10mil!😀😁

  13. TofuMaster83

    Since episodes 54-56

  14. Jon Turk

    Isn't it about time for an old enemy to make his return?

  15. george mcdaniel

    That door is suspicious….

  16. The Diamond gamers 1010101

    people who disliked this were probably using their phone upside down

  17. Denilius123

    It’s not di-OR-rite
    It’s DIE-o-rite

  18. Derpy Turtle

    Anyone else see fizzy at 1:18??

  19. Axel Robles

    I've been here since he was naming his dogs and building their house!

  20. SuperPlushBros 8686

    Stampy, I Saw This Video And it said mean Things About you

  21. Weirdo3

    Stampy’s lovely world episode 1000

  22. Hockeydude 5_87_92_32

    I love the inside it does absolutely nothing

  23. Landen Meek

    Can I please be in your love garden I have been a fan since 2012 and loved you since

  24. x.emily. x

    Block babies 😂

  25. Little Tron 44


  26. AIden Alexander

    I thought mincraft was dead

  27. ZzE 223

    I remember your first episode of Minecraft, and you had to sleep in the cave. I’ve watched you for years and after so long, i cone back to watch you. You are actually the best Minecraft youtuber

  28. Danielle Flowers

    Stamps do a sports stadium for all your lovely world visitors can practice there sports and your should also do football/soccer matches
    and you can choose what the lovely world team could be called, it would also be cool to play a soccer/football match against hit the target

  29. sky roket smith

    Mincraft ☺😎😄

  30. Savage Bear 5000

    How do I screen record on Xbox?

  31. Slytherclaw554 :D

    Omigosh stampy you actually made diorite look good you are a legend

  32. Abigail Nunya

    Why didn’t you do the one life series with Stacy and some others? I think you should have done it.


    Next on detective pikachu: case of the missin elephant

  34. It's Ayden

    Watching since episode 64

  35. Cooper Mace

    Play fortnite

  36. maximum man plays

    Stamps you are great youtuber I have been watching since you made the episode sinking feeling

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