OVERKILL’S THE WALKING DEAD Gameplay Demo (E3 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

OVERKILL’S THE WALKING DEAD Gameplay Demo (E3 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

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  1. Skid Patterson

    Looks shit

  2. Rachel Revence

    this is just sad

  3. Ranson Norris

    Yea this looks bad, I can highly recommend State of Decay 2 though, it's just like the walking dead but in video game form. Amazing game

  4. Dojo Gamer TV

    dude i thought state of decay was an example that people like 3 person zombie games also

  5. Yung Benny Records

    Wtf is this graphics lol

  6. justin g


    Lets just say a few members of the dev team got paid well.

  7. Chris Keer

    What a piece of shit

  8. Thomas Ennis

    I would prefer it to be third person tbh. I hate first person games.

  9. Muscu

    Mais srx c’est e la perse ce jeux j’étais super content qui est un jeu de ce style et ils font ça , je m’attendais large à mieux comme une histoire

  10. BlackKnight101

    TWD need to stop allowing their name and the quality they are known for added to shit like this.

  11. Raerae travis

    Well…… lol Who plays Online PS4 Games DROP YOUR GAME TAG_______________________:D

  12. Ritch Matute

    Why first person…. might as well be called dying light

  13. Rino B

    Don't waste your money on this game guys, buy The Last Of Us part 2 instead

  14. musicaltune23

    i pre-ordered this not knowing it was a multiplayer game

  15. warlockguy42

    I find it funny how people are just saying that the game is automatically bad because it isn't the Last of Us in terms of graphics. If it's fun then who the hell cares?

  16. warlockguy42

    "DUH GRafex r BAD!!" Lol this is from the makers of Payday 2, wtf did you expect?

  17. football for life

    I thought this game is gonna be a 3rd person
    And have a great story
    Will its look like days gone and dying light 2 and the last of us 2 are the one whos gonna get my money

  18. Heitor de Souza

    it looks so bad

  19. Jason Voorhees

    I thought they discontinued wii games

  20. Trevor Allen

    I feel so bad for people who gave money to kickstart this pile of garbage .

  21. Bro Sniper

    Left 4 Dead 3. Yash!

  22. Thomas Syxe

    Seriously it doesn't look bad at all, I don't get it..what's with all the hating ..? And btw when I say look I don't mean just the graphics, which doesn't look bad

  23. Arnold Lewis

    They need to, for the lighter weapons such as knives or machetes at least, implement some sort of "soft grappling" system to make sure that the character actually visually hits what they're looking at. If literally nothing else, being able to clearly see what you're doing would make this game worlds better, and actually set it ahead of many current games.
    In it's state right now… No. I won't play a walking dead game where the gunplay feels like CoD and the swordplay feels like Fallout.

  24. kun Katu


  25. John Doe

    I don't understand why it's so difficult to make a good walking dead game? This should be one of the easiest franchises to turn into a video game.

  26. TheAlphawolf6

    It was too good to be true…

  27. Johnny IoNutz

    Guys buy Dying Light 2. 50 $ better than 60 payday 2 zombies edittion.

  28. Samuel Palmer

    I was hoping for a third person last of us type game

  29. Chris Quattrociocchi

    Resident evil 2 looks amazing can’t wait. This looks like shit I was excited. Not anymore

  30. Kenneth Ouellette

    The trailers were so good yet they made this

  31. Mangesh Yadav edits

    left 4 dead is better then this!!

  32. Mangesh Yadav edits

    this game is shit

  33. AcePlaysXD

    I knew something was off in the trailers…

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