SAD NEWS for Xbox One!!


  1. HIKD152 gaming pro kinda

    playstation is NOT for the players

  2. Star Scraper

    Sooooooooooooooooo happy I’ve got PS4

  3. J. Smith

    Sorry should just share and stop being spoiled

  4. rita dhaese

    insonmiac they're fucking trash

  5. master 619

    Just why. I'm an Xbox owner. And I want to get a ps4 but most of my friends are on Xbox that I grew up with. And yes I can play on both. But I have to sell Xbox one for ps4 😔

  6. Let me say Something


  7. Kreepr 303

    nice intro bro!

  8. Alexis Rivera

    Wait a min spider man was made in the 1960s it was made
    because of stan lee

  9. Alexis Rivera

    Who cares about that new spider man game we have the amazing spider man 2 in xbox one :/

  10. Nitheesh Rk

    Bro that game is only on PlayStation for that reason only……..

  11. MythicalPhoenix

    Well it's time to ask my dad for a ps4 so I can get the spiderman game.. It's pretty dumb to buy a new console for a game even though I already have an Xbox one.. Sigh*

  12. James Lamb

    I just wish that all games were non-exclusive. every customer has their preference on the controllers because that's what makes the difference. I believe but we all love the games. so make it equal to everyone. it doesn't matter if you're putting the disc in a PlayStation or an Xbox or whatever. what it comes down to is the controller. everyone has their own opinion which controller that best suits them so make all games equal.

  13. ClashOfGamingC

    f sony sony sucks im on xbox and i wont go to ps4 for spiderman i love spiderman i was sooo happy then they destroyed my dreams

  14. Super Saiyan Rose Gogeta Black

    you cant say vagina on YouTube. Demonetized!!!!!

  15. Brandon Bull

    Sony makes me made just because they have ruined Spider-Man so many times. Let Marvel control the rights

  16. VideoGame EXTREMES

    Stupid why do you think they sell Play stations so you can if you have money

  17. Falconer 92 ツ

    Marvel please buy the rights of Spider-Man and this misfortune will end up making a game of a relatively public character make it exclusive I do not think it's nice and a little disappointed now I will not play Spider-Man so much I do not think I'll buy a Ps4 with the expensive is and the online is unstable this would be a pay to play but only that you must pay for everything and the attention in terms of services is unfortunate

  18. Jaregaming

    Everybody is like why Spiderman isn't coming to xbox and pc. Spiderman is for all gamers . And yet nobody is saying why Gears of War and Halo aren't coming to ps4. And about the money Microsoft will make much more money if the publish Gears and Halo to ps4. I don't understand

  19. Matt M.

    These Xbox fanboys need to learn some common sense. Sony funded the development of this game. It would not exist without Sony, so Sony shouldn't have to make it a multiplat game. It's similar with the whole Bayonetta 2 controversy. All the Bayonetta fans were pissed when Bayonetta 2 was only on Wii U, but the game was funded by Nintendo and wouldn't exist without Nintendo, so Nintendo shouldn't have to put it on other platforms.

  20. Gingercat 59

    Where did u get that spider jumper? It's awesome

  21. Batman 12

    I can't wait to play the new Spider-Man game

    And no it won't come to Xbox because Xbox sucks .
    PS4 is better

    And plus Sony owns Spider man now stop being a pussy about it every one it will never come to Xbox

  22. Teshome Vaughn

    Lol we get spider Man

  23. DROP3R 4

    Sony actually makes money on the sales of the PS4 where Microsoft, if lucky, breaks even on each Xbox one sold. Spiderman is a system seller. It's the main reason why they will make it to 100 million consoles sold by year's end. Why would they want to help Microsoft sell consoles?

  24. Arnel Linda

    sony owns the rights for spidy, so when can we expect halo on playstation? see how stupid that sounds.

  25. shane p.

    Xbox is a disappointment this generation.

  26. Ultra Blue Vegeta

    Do u live in Australia I do

  27. Dalal Alameeri

    Lol xbox one fan boy ps4 is the best

  28. Simmius The First

    There are games that are system sellers.

  29. Mohamed M

    You're an idiot. It's a console exclusive. They're funding the development of THEIR game for THEIR console.

    If you're an xbox fanboy, get a ps4 as well.

  30. Hardy Harr

    No it’s called an exclusive . I don’t see Xbox porting State of Decay 2 to the PlayStation. So you’re logic is flawed

  31. Hardy Harr

    Insomniac has always made games for Sony. Not sure why anyone would think different except for sunset. But that was a one time thing.

  32. Christopher Allen

    Yeah because Spider-Man was created by Sony, AKA as the creators of PlayStation. Why would it be on Xbox? This is't even new news, it's been like this since ever.

  33. Mr Benny 99

    I thought fortnite was going

  34. Neddy

    Great. Another shitty Japanese single player game.

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