“NEW PC Game”- Horizon Chase Turbo First Impressions + GIVEAWAY 5 CODES!

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HUGE Thanks to the game devs for hooking me up with 5 extra keys to give-away for you guys!! 🙂 Check the game out here and watch to find out how to win!

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Music Used by
Chuki HipHop –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7q8hqs20ss

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Wheel Setup #1
Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel
T3PA Pedals
TH8A Shifter
TX Adaptor Link
Wheelstandpro RGS Side Shifter Attachment
Custom Ebay Handbrake link
GoPro Hero 3+
Gaming Chair : http://www.needforseatusa.com
KontrolFreeks – SpeedFreeks

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Wheel Setup #2
Fanatec V2.5 Base
Clubsport wheel Add-on
CSL Pedals w/Load cell brake
Wheelstandpro Custom chassis
Derek Speare Designs Button Box



  1. Michael Law

    Slap use PARSEC

  2. raKaiser Y

    Min8 starts the vid

  3. DunkelGotik

    What do you think about doing speedruns of this game? Would be interesting to participate.

  4. George Ayres

    Great game!!!!

  5. SonicNinjaBlue

    it’s also on mobile as “Horizon Chase”

  6. Zmod 32 ヅ

    Ohh man I want to play this game so bad

  7. Daniel Gibbs

    no mater what slap plays .Everyone likes it lol
    keep up with the good word

  8. 86Drifter

    hey what recording software u use slap?

  9. Bruno Rubini

    Let's try another one! Amazing game btw

  10. INR Motorsport

    Keep it up Slap! Greetings from Bangladesh 🇧🇩!

  11. Med Amine Rahmani

    You guys remember NFS Nitro?

  12. TGB Nation

    Slaaap play some hydro thunder that was my favorite game in arcade

  13. Moaaz Morgan

    Horizon chase turbo. Even games are now turbocharged

  14. sir cartier

    im currently building a pc and im gonna need some games for it would help me out a lot #HorizonChaseTurbo

  15. Mystic Fox9

    NANI!? HACHIROKU?? 5:15

  16. VKW Productions

    It's the exact same as the original Pole Position but different cars. You don't explode if you hit other cars either but man this looks fun.

  17. TouDimeWylde

    Is this only on Steam at the moment? They did a great job on making a classic modern retro arcade racing game. Wow.

  18. RSProduxx

    good all days when you didn´t actually drive, but the road came at you 😀
    20 million hours in Pole Position II ( a rough guess from memory xD)
    Prediction: In one of the cases is a GTR

  19. Jonoven Gaston

    Yoooo slap you did make my day with that intro brings back memories of old videos ahhhhh the good ol days

  20. Jayden Bonogofski


  21. Andrew Zabolotny

    Please do more of this. and if you can do a video on Fortnite if you haven't already.

  22. Dimitris Xaitas

    It isn't new I was playing it in my PC 1 year ago

  23. Karn Flakes

    I played Top Gear on the NES. It was awesome, and the soundtrack was the best! I still have it too.

  24. DoubleMC856

    Where the fuck is GT Sport???

  25. Giorgio Cardini


  26. Connor Graham

    When are you coming on Forza

  27. maedion gerrard

    Yo slap do a video on daigo saito's lamborghini drift car in assetto corsa

  28. The HamMann

    My friend is starting a vr arcade

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