STATE OF DECAY 2 Gameplay Trailer NEW (2018) Xbox One X

STATE OF DECAY 2 Gameplay Trailer NEW (2018) Xbox One X

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  1. Doug Vetsch

    Wow, they really cut down the zombie hordes in the new Dead Rising

  2. Aquarius Ambassador

    A car with a gas meter it's about time

  3. Kamali Cordice

    is it gonna be at 60fps?

  4. Adi

    make NPC important! They should go and collect resources etc. Please!

  5. Adi


  6. Glowing Wolf

    This makes me think this is dead rising 5

  7. Call/Em /Chopstick


  8. Vlaka

    what an overwhelmingly SHIT trailer

  9. Sankar G

    Horrible ending 🙁

  10. Hannah 1

    I wish they would add horses for silent transport

  11. Kenny Twd

    So when is it coming out and will it be available for pc?

  12. Peter Ng

    Don't u guys think that the texture and texts lookalike Dying Light…..

  13. Real Deal

    i preordered this as soon as i saw it because of the 1st one

  14. Haze

    1st one was okay.. But it got hella boring & repetitive after a while.
    I hope this one doesn't end up like the 1st one

  15. nikhil gupta

    Let's see PS4 gets god of war Spiderman Detroit and Xbox gets state of decay 2 😂😂😂😂 really I am glad I got a PS4 ✌✌✌✌

  16. Jacob the First and last knight

    looks just like the last game

  17. Zixx TheLegend

    Good game (: hope they dont f it ip

  18. Joaquin Hernandez Herrera


  19. Shinji gandarela

    Looks good.

  20. Suu Suu

    Release date: 2030

  21. Icecube88

    game of the year

  22. Quentin Smith

    I'm happy this is coming out on gamepass

  23. TupacpolatVEVO

    Release date 22.5.2018 follow
    @ Tupacpolatvevo

  24. NY Gamer

    dope trailer, hype level raised to 11

  25. Fack Off

    This looks like a trailer for a kick starter game.

  26. Kingkthewildone

    Can't wait for this game

  27. Michael McMahon

    I like how the player clips through the fatboy in the cinematic.

  28. kanał bez nazwy kanałowej

    Only on xbox one? If yes i will buy

  29. Eleazar Thomas

    This game is10 out of 10

  30. Sherwin Esmaili

    Sorry xbox but you are dead.

  31. Ali Lazim

    I want a bigger map, more missions/ quests and new vehicles.

  32. Mongolia HD 2015

    Woow nice game

  33. MarvinAnimation

    In the near future this game will have a battle royal mode.

  34. UZ3L PR

    Soy el unico que habla español ?
    Unete a State of decay Grupo de Supervivientes en Facebook

  35. Top Dog

    ffs!! Release it on Steam, im not touching windows store!

  36. haylaz_yumuk Youtube


  37. Gray Fox

    I hope they'll release this game on Steam. I don't wanna use this tedious Windows store to buy it. Last time I bought a game from the Windows store my pc wasn't able to boot anymore, after the game installation required a reboot. I don't know what the Windows store did to my HDD, but I had to delete everything on it in order to use it again.. which was a pain in the ass.

    I haven't used the Windows store since.. but I'll rather play the game on PC than on Xbox One.. 🙁

  38. Battle Droid

    Looks awesome

  39. Tony Gutierrez

    The game looks pretty dope

  40. Shaqnokobe

    Isn’t this one multiplayer

  41. Tariq Salim

    Hey Joe you wanna play another zombie game

  42. Fernando Ramirez

    I need a Xbox one x

  43. Carlos Santana

    It feels like something is missing.

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