PES 2019 4K 60 FPS Gameplay Barcelona vs Liverpool (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Enjoy PES 19 4K 60 FPS Gameplay! PES returns this year with PES 2019. New PES 19 Gameplay! What do you think about new PES 19 Gameplay? What is better FIFA 19 or PES 19? Let me know!

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PES 2019 Barcelona vs Liverpool:
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  1. xboxmedien

    Thanks for watching! Let's get 200 Likes for more PES 2019 4K Gameplay? ❤️️❤️️❤️️
    What do you think about PES 2019? #PES19 or #FIFA19 ? Let me know!

  2. Liverpool till i die

    Wish FIFA had great stadium detail as PES ;(

  3. Adi Rian

    It looks amazing

  4. i Nerri

    I also hope Konami worked on the Defense Mechanics of the Game


    Too bad FIFA don’t have the Camp Nou.

  6. Marcin Sniperek

    FIFA better Gameplay

  7. Marcin Sniperek

    clothing physics shit

  8. lersus cummings

    4k makes it look so real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Marko B

    lifelong fifa player, gonna buy PES this year because there is no improvement from EA and the career mode is crap.

  10. Jemma Pitts

    I want to like this game but I can’t get used to the slow turns and movement on the ball but I am not used to it, seems ok

  11. sheeba idrisi

    Y always Liverpool looses and change the team you always take barca over Liverpool and no commentary y man

  12. Primaël Iwangou

    Pes 19👌👌💪

  13. kostik globalelite

    в физике нужно уменьшить разработчикам скорость перемещения игроков и наложить плавность большую на движения ! Пока всё ! ДУмаю к 2025 к этому придут ! А то как будто игру смотришь в перемотке быстрой

  14. Gummy Deer

    Gameplay is like pes 17 with pes galaxy patch.

  15. Akatsuki Gang

    No more faces like dinosaur

  16. Forever Young Gamer

    That thumbnail tho…

  17. Jamie Hu

    Why tf is Ai still not making any fouls or aggressive tackles??? WTF where is yellow card?

  18. 쫑민

    Awesome graphics.
    Awful license.

  19. super vlogs

    pes 19 is badder 18 is littttt

  20. stonecoldpes6

    shity game

  21. Jthivar

    A séculos so jogo fifa.. Mas a jogabilidade do pes tá animal, esse ano vou de pes

  22. Amirul Hafiz

    Im fifa fan…but i totally agree pes so graphic good…like so much real life…nice football game…fifa also good but i dont like fifa graphic…look like cartoon…pes more realistic

  23. Greg Val

    FIFA the King!!!!drunk people playing football doing all same moves!!!

  24. De Viation

    Talking about graphic and gameplay, PES win as always.
    But FIFA wins at serving several new game modes.

  25. franco santiago

    60 fps on pc :V

  26. erwin rahmat

    Gila men!

  27. Sotiris Sfyridis

    Nice gameplay

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