PES 2019 Demo FULL HD Gameplay (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

PES 2019 Camp Nou Stadium Barcelona vs Liverpool (Xbox One, PS4, PC) HD
PES returns this year with PES 2019. New PES 19 Gameplay! What do you think about new PES 19 Gameplay? What is better FIFA 19 or PES 19? Let me know!

PES 2019 Legends vs Argentina:
PES 2019 Barcelona vs Liverpool:
PES 2019 Player Faces:
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Thanks to Konami and IGN:



  1. xboxmedien

    Thanks for watching! Let's get 1000 Likes? ❤️️❤️️❤️️
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    Check out PES 2019 PES Legends vs Argentina:

  2. Σπυρος Τινελλης

    The shoot its not a real i think shoot a baloon?!?!?!?!??!

  3. Luke Hopkins

    Who actually plays pes ? You never hear anyone say to their mates oh let's come round mine to play pes………..

  4. Android18

    talk about the graphics but we know there will be a limited amount of kit slots so we will get the shit blurry badges again

  5. Martin Rodriguez

    Pero ami no me aparece todavia el demo

  6. Lucas elybot

    Que buena publicidad de adidas la puta carajo
    Esas publicidades valen la pena

  7. Saul Pena

    I think I'm the only one who's noticed the grass stripes Change when in free kick mode… And also on replay.. How is it possible the Devs didn't notice this?

  8. Marco Nibi

    Dribbling realistico e gameplay molto più fluido di fifa dove invece é piuttosto macchinoso. Unica pecca, forse tutto un po' troppo veloce, l'estremo opposto di fifa

  9. Supreme Mawali

    How did u get jt?

  10. atheer sameer

    The fifa engine is more realistic

  11. Deli PES


  12. Whisper A

    Bring back stadium creator!!!

  13. Daniel The player

    How do you download it?

  14. Fady Serhan

    fifa> pes

  15. wepes fuma

    close to the end of the video, the spokesperson talks about fans wanting realism in the way player moves, shoots and passes… we already have them in PES2018 (and the past iterations) … it is called Full Manual Controls… once you turn of the Pass Assistance, you'll get realism.

  16. Nery Ortiz

    El pes deve mejorar los uniformes ya estiempo vean las mejoras del fifa en sus uniformes mas reales x favor solo eso ok saludos

  17. Franco Ritacco

    When is the demo coming out?

  18. كاتالونيا برشلونة

    better is pes 2019

  19. Ben

    The running, the movement, the grass, they listend to the feedback on pes18 and they fixed it. Im leaving fifa and going for pes 19 this year, fuck fifa this is amazing

  20. Gaming Ro

    Download pes 19 PC ? Link

  21. flash flash

    How to download the demo

  22. Basket Case

    I only play fifa just cause of the licensing but if I can get a computer to get licensing for pes I think it might be time to give up fifa, unless fifa stop caring about graphics and start changing their shit gameplay I might stick with pes

  23. Boom Xhakalaka

    I like pes but why does it visually always look like the players are running on ice or gliding? It’s my big bear and annoys me they don’t fix it. Maybe it’s just me that sees this or anyone 🤔

  24. Basir Ahmad

    Nur Fifa19💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  25. Jake P

    The movement of players still hasn't that flow to their movement.. Someday Konami will figure it out and it will be the best game ever..

  26. Mpampis MMA

    How can I get the demo ? For Xbox

  27. VELi DON


  28. Flavius Daniel MindSIEntertainment

    boring gameplay… 10 Years of pes designing and makes me bored, thats not good.

  29. Edy Nagy

    We finally have grass ! <3

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