All 34 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update For Week 3 August 2018 | Nintendo News


  1. SwitchPlanet

    15 big UPCOMING RPG Switch games you don't know about

  2. Carlos Rainha

    Wtf is wrong with this bad indie games??? Scroll through the eshop and hours latter you'll find something good, probably old, but 3 times more expensive than everywhere else. I even haven't touched the Switch for about 2 months because of so many bad games.

  3. Adam Mena

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  4. Depth Charge

    If nintendo goes 90% indie games, goodbye potential.

  5. Gucci Flip flops

    Indie games are boring, sorry

  6. Getdragged Ho

    I’m sick and tired of these 2d ass rpgs and then trying to charge 50-60 dollars for it like put some fucking effort into these games devs. It’s ridiculous we are in 2018.

  7. Timothy Holliman

    Oh cool! More side-scrolling, pixelated bullshit. We live in a day and age where we have portable DOOM and people just keep chugging out that nostalgia-wannabe bullshit. Lawd. Just throw the whole switch away. Fuck it, throw Nintendo away.

  8. Anthony Ortloff

    trading my switch and games for a gpd win 2….. anyone? hahaha

  9. Swords Sunflowers

    i wish they could release the sims on the switch

  10. GHOST

    I was more entertained with my eye floaters .

  11. jurgen diaz

    Why not buy an android phone for Gaming? Like almost of this games are the same games on android.

  12. 岡本勝正


  13. BLUE B33TLE

    just farted….

  14. Charlie Gomez

    Im tired of 75-90 % indie games.We need AA or AAA games at least 15 % of them to be AA or AAA games

  15. Yogess Limboo

    Worst game video there was only one nice game Doom eternal

  16. Joaquim Da Luz

    Inazuma eleven ares???

  17. Kakakarot Cake

    Doom is literally the only non indie trash game announced 🙁

  18. Juan Martín Montano

    Valiant Hearts!!!!

    I knew it would eventually come to the switch one of the best games and the most emotional one I've played

  19. Jerry Esque

    Not enough indie games. Need more!

  20. Fantasy vii

    Clock tower 4

  21. Fantasy vii

    We need Neir

  22. final gamer

    Cool bro

  23. Max Krampe

    The Indie Games should be on their Own store of category.
    I dont want to See this shit in my e store

  24. Puellos _

    Weak… Only doom eternal…

  25. Nintendo Power

    Reverie-Mother Clone?

  26. Bambers 007

    Where did you here that doom eternal was coming to switch? Or did you just guess for views

  27. Miguel Ribeiro

    I don't like those games!! Why 2D style?? Nintendo no has imagination?


    frsah pieeee

  29. David Dylan

    So just doom and 2 remakes or remasters.

  30. Hmmm YoulikeZeldahuh?

    Reverie is basically a zelda clone maybe because of the dark level.

  31. Kyle Beck

    wow ALL 34 games were just GARBAGE …. switch when u going to grow up and stop giving us trash lol

  32. MikeTheEnforcer

    Ya know if I wanted a damn mobile phone game to be imported to Switch it would be the big titles like Honkai 3rd Impact and none of the crappy cash grabs.

  33. Zsolt Dienes

    Child of Light <3 the first videogame what i've played with my little daughter. a beautiful gem with wonderful graphics and soundtrack – thank you Ubisoft (and Nintendo)

  34. You[']r[e] wrong

    So many great games that are announced! Doom Eternal and finally some good indie games, not shovelware. I probably get Defunct.

  35. LoL ReplayBaby

    I wouldnt even play them if they were free except doom ofc but doom on pc. Cause why pay the same price and get a downgraded game.

  36. ベジータ夫人



    Indies indies indies Mario party indies indies indies Smash Indies indies indies….

  38. Роман Кошла

    As usual – 90% of that is TRASH, 10% – good games.

  39. 이동수

    발매하면 뭐하냐 인터넷으로 구매도 불가능하고 다운만 받아야 구매 가능하고 한글는 못찾아보겠고.. 거지같은 게임기.. 젤다하나 해보고 쳐박혀있다 nintendo fuck

  40. Matt Turner

    Glad to see Child of Light coming to Switch for people who missed it on the Vita. It’s a unique gem surprisingly from Ubisoft.

  41. SØMA

    Hot Garbage

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