Diablo 3 – Nintendo Switch Trailer

The Diablo III: Eternal Collection includes the Reaper of Souls expansion and the Necromancer class, and is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Review

Necromancer Ability Comparison (Diablo 2 vs. Diablo 3):

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  1. 12345 54321

    is this mobile game?

  2. Ivan M

    Battlefield GTA cough…

  3. xtemma

    Diablo 3 on mobile phone or no buy.

  4. Cyan Paint

    Diablo 4
    We're it at?

  5. TheVidzWatcher

    Diablo 3 the disappointing sequel that never goes away.

  6. SnowPenny

    I love the switch. I love nintendo. But please just keep up with the new game releases and not giving us games that are like six years old.

  7. SuperaAminesia

    Aeeee vai pro nintendo switch

  8. Roberto Hurtado


  9. GrimReaper4383

    I'll wait for it to drop to $20.

  10. NJ

    I now live in a world where I can play diablo on the go. Jeezus.

  11. Romi Zomi

    But I just bought it for my ps4 ;_;

  12. Aurum Arma

    Didn't see that coming.

  13. Kerafyrm


  14. Murray Butial

    is this online game?

  15. Andrey Maksymenko

    They are playing Diablo 3 in the car.

  16. Punisher6791

    just give us gamecube on switch already.

  17. SpikeTheWolf

    Kinda late

  18. permeus2nd

    Was ithe only one hoping that Diablo was going to be fighting mario in the trailer? Just for comedy.

  19. Jemi


  20. Abdias Martinez

    Why tho

  21. bibity74

    I like how they showed a clip that spoils the biggest plot point in the game lol

  22. Jaybo1594


  23. Alexander Deris

    When is blizzcon need diablo 4

  24. Galehad

    meh… i want diablo 2

  25. Whiterun Guard

    I just want a damn Diablo 4 smh

  26. Xel

    I have played the game story on PC.

  27. chefhardy1

    Welcome to 2012

  28. Dennis Plotzke

    You have it on PC, you have it on PS4, you have it on XBOX?! Now get it on the Nintendo Switch!!!! Take my πŸ’° money Blizzard!!!

  29. Tel Stack

    Ooof just make a new Diablo already

  30. Raptor Dave

    Diablo 2 is better.

  31. Ecchi Bot

    look at that split local multiplayer, hell yeah lmao

    wait was that 4 player local and online or just the regular 2 player local?

  32. Mechwd Gaming

    squints Is that Diablo 3? Looks a little blurry πŸ™‚

  33. jcnba28

    Bioshock Collection for Switch!

  34. Gregory Tile

    I hope this does well so we can more games from blizzard like overwatch

  35. Osef Osef

    Omg graphics look awesom

  36. Scitch2781

    Amazing game amazing system

  37. whodoyou voodoo

    Diablo for Smash Confirmed!

  38. Dany ThePredator

    Nice PORT (kappa)

  39. Allter

    Your joblow.

  40. ImonlyJK

    Like I haven't beat this game enough since it launched

  41. ShueZy


  42. AP AlienGamer


  43. cemetery665_TOAO

    That's cool, I already have diablo 3 ultimate evil edition

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