LodgeNet Game Controllers – Nintendo’s Hotel Rental Service! | Nintendrew

Do you remember playing Nintendo 64 or GameCube games in a hotel room when you were younger? Odds are you used the LodgeNet game service! In this video, we’ll check out some special LodgeNet brand N64 and GameCube controllers, and learn more about the service’s history. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Nathaniel Bandy

    I remember when I was like 6, my family and I went to some hotel and it had an N64. I was like "Ooo, Smash Bros" and it cost like 5 bucks to play for one hour.

    Needless to say, I didn't play Smash Bros

  2. Pentium MMX

    I remember staying at a La Quinta that had the SNES setup, back around '97. Never got to play it, sadly.

  3. 71dembones

    Cool! I have the N64 controller with the gamecube style stick; modded to work on a regular console

  4. Jack McQuade

    witch of these 3 controllers is your favorite? mine is the GameCube controller 🙂

  5. Formula Fanboy

    How cool would one of these for the NES be?

  6. ToFu

    I went on a vacation to Cali, and one of the staff was really cool and loved zelda as much as i did. Me being like 9 and him being in his 20s i would assume. Basically he ended up letting me use the Lodgenet totally free the 2 nights we stayed, because of how much i liked zelda.

  7. Robert Stroman

    As a former lodgenet employee – it’s pretty cool to see these things again. (Also -lodgenet is still around, it’s called Sonifi now 😀)

  8. Y0Y0Evan

    I remember going to Canada once in 2012. We stayed at an Embassy Suites in Toronto, and in one of the drawers below the TV was a LodgeNet N64 Controller (the updated one) Which was weird since I never saw one before, but it was cool to see.

  9. Jack Speake

    I remember going to Great Wolf lodge for the first time and I saw the GameCube counterpart and made my mom get it, I frickin loved it, it was the first time I tried a gamecube

  10. Mike Grunerud

    I have seen them around in the past couple years, would be cool to get ahold of one of the servers.

  11. IRNatman

    Stayed at a hotel that had this a few years ago actually… It was n64!

  12. Video Game Book Club

    Glad to hear some history on these bad boys 👍 also … That SNES controller 🤤

  13. AM

    I remember using the N64 one in an Embassy Suites when I was about 8 years old.

  14. CXG

    Oh man I remember being in a hotel when I was younger using one of these. I was too young to understand what it was but after seeing the UI of the system, I remember using this system.

  15. Jorge Pinho

    Contact element 14 and try make this work with a converter 😀

  16. Brandon Klopp

    NVC Should hire you as host. I really think you have what it takes.

  17. Shaady Abdel Nasser

    couldn't you create a replica of the lodgenet server using a pie?!

  18. Omega Haxors

    I found one of these once when I was on vacation but my first thought was that it was going to be overpriced so I put it down.

  19. YourFavoriteMartianFan69

    When I was younger, whenever I saw those controllers in hotels, I got really excited because I had this big interest in classic game consoles, so whenever I got to use one, it was always pretty cool. It's funny because they still use those N64 controllers at a hotel near my city.

  20. DNVIC

    I SWEAR I remember these in like the early 2010s or late 2000s somewhere

  21. Boss Romos

    So it’s basically a micro version of what Microsoft is wanting to do for next gen lol

  22. Boss Romos

    Wow new intro shots. I like them

  23. ashirogiscoffee

    So that's what it was… I remember travelling to New York with my family in '06, and I remember seeing something like this in our hotel room. I never got to use it, but now I know what exactly it was. Pretty neat!

  24. XradicalD

    I do think certain Hampton hotels still have these in their rooms.

  25. Jake B

    It was just a few years ago when I found a GameCube controller in a hotel I was staying at. I bought an hour of Luigi's Mansion, and was in the middle of the boolossus fight when it shut off.

  26. SirTonSquared

    I only saw N64s available during my childhood in hotel rooms. I regret making my parents pay the $5 for an hour of Mario Tennis 64 (even though that game is fun as hell) with that service. The Wynn hotel spoiled me with their big screen TVs with actual audio and video inputs. It was the first time I plugged my GameCube on with a big screen. Other than that, gaming back then in hotel rooms mainly resorted to bringing handhelds.

  27. Bryce Johnson

    I have encountered LodgeNet but once in my travels

  28. Euphoria___

    There's actually a TV that goes with the controllers, and it's branded N64 on it. I found 2 of them when I was helping a friend clean out an old abandoned hotel he bought. I kept one. I should really take some pics and upload them. I believe that it's made by Sharp, but it's been a while since I've been to my storage and looked at them.

  29. Phexism

    whats with the side camera view? lmao

  30. Bananyog

    I remember playing Mario Party 7 in the hotel for awhile I was staying at when I was 10

  31. Josh B

    I saw them a couple of times, but didn't use them.

  32. Father AxeKeeper

    Hourly game rentals? holy crap that sounds like a cash cow. because when you are playing games you often lose track of time and they are totally betting on people doing that. spending way more money than they intended.

  33. Robert Mills

    Some places still have these installed. IIRC I encountered as one recently as 2015

  34. paul5

    I remember one of these was the first time I played Smash Bros. and Paper Mario when I was like 8. Good times.

  35. arvid hates you

    sometimes you sound like a hostage reading a note

  36. The ERRor

    I remember when I was 4 or 5 and we went to a hotel that looked like a big cabin and when I entered the room I saw a GameCube controller and I scrolled through the menu on the TV and I saw animal crossing and Zelda and at the time I didn’t know what they were so I asked my mom if I could play them and she said “sure” so I started playing them all day!

  37. Blake Wixom

    I remember when I was 5 back in like 2007 I went to Kalahari and they had this in my hotel room.

  38. LuKi

    I used it once to play star fox 64, dang that’s some nostalgia

  39. Toasted Bread

    duuuude i was just thinking about these and how no one ever talks about them!!!!!!

  40. Tyler Lang

    I saw a GameCube one about 4 years ago, and it really caught me by surprise. I never got to play it, but I had (and still have) a GameCube anyway. Would've been cool to play Metroid Prime on though…

  41. skittymario

    I used to, when I was maybe 10 or around the 10-15 range, go to a hotel for my birthday (Weird, I know, but I was a weird kid) and one of their rooms at the time had an N64 controller on the table where the TV was, and I got to play… 1 game, and even then, it was Dr Mario for N64, a game that, to be fair, I never owned; so even though it was short-lived, I do remember playing on one of these before, and hope there's a few random hotels out there that still use these today, just as a nice little bonus for staying in one of their rooms.

    Also, I live in Canada, so I guess these were popular enough to leave the states at some point.

  42. Sandschrew Soda

    I don’t know why I remember this so well but when I was a kid and my family was traveling we were lucky enough to have the n64 one, but they also offered 15 minute free demo of each game just once. We all picked one to play but they only had the remote. Ocarina of time was awful.

  43. Brandon Falk

    Nintendo switch online right here

  44. ElevExplorer 64

    I remember one time I stayed at a Great Wolf Lodge, I saw a LodgeNet GameCube controller (I think), and I thought to myself, "What the heck is this?". It looked so weird! This was before I knew what a GameCube was. Great video, by the way, keep up the great work!

  45. JayTRowe

    I would love to see if you could get the set up working

  46. Hey! It's Drummer

    The Hampton Hotel in Santa Barbara had a LodgeNet GameCube that I remember playing on around 2013. Unfortunately when I came back a year or two afterwards, it was gone

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