This Week on Xbox: April 6, 2018

This week’s episode features new Backward Compatibility titles, a look at the next episode of Inside Xbox, new Games with Gold to download and much more.



  1. GrandNoble

    hey. I want to link my tv and xbox one. you mention it but don't explain it.

  2. GrandNoble

    MALIK I want the XBox jerseyyyyyyyy!

  3. Mike B

    that "did you know" thing at the end, was something that has been around for YEARS. i don't know what he's talking about… i just hit the xbox button on my controller, and my xbox, tv, and cable box all turn on, and then when i turn my xbox off with the controller- same thing, my xbox, tv, and cable box all turn off. i had set it like that in the settings a few YEARS ago.

  4. AceMcSchooly

    We need Modern Warfare 3 backwards compatible!

  5. Mr. Mono Chrome

    Where are the new avatars?

  6. TPanda Gaming

    Can you guys plz fix the party mute glitch. It's really annoying

  7. The random Dude

    Crackdown 3

  8. GOAT :v

    We need AAA exclusives

  9. Joey Pugh

    Fix the party glich

  10. Minter ZzZ

    Hmmm,i heard about microsoft going nuts with the "no swearing rule" is that true?
    I mean like,if you swear or something you get banned(correct me if im wrong)

  11. The Brothers Housers Entertainment Network

    Spyro back! I will buy it.

  12. Sun Flamed Marijuana Jr.

    Microsoft: Welcome to Microsoft, may I take your order?
    Me: Yeah, I'll take JSRF for the Xbox One
    Microsoft: Would that be all sir?
    Me: That will be all, thank you

  13. Jack Sparrow

    If you guys make star wars battlefront 2 backward compatible, wow.

  14. Korben Jackson

    Street Fighter x Tekken for BC please!

  15. Dmitri

    He needs to swallow….


    I hope halo ce and 2 is compatible

  17. Cash Money

    Anybody getting a glitch in the party where you can’t umute anybody

  18. Midway Attitude Game

    Please Xbox BACKWARD COMPATIBITY Crackdown 2.
    Crackdown 2
    Crackdown 2
    Crackdown 2!!!!

  19. Darth Vegas

    The Witcher 1 backwards compatibility?

  20. The Twins Gamer

    GTA san Andreas please?

  21. Hayden Downey

    hey just to check anyone else having issues connecting to xbox live?

  22. mrx

    why did put this on mixxer as it been buffing a lot and can not see it on it

  23. oRagePilots

    Next GAMES WITH GOLD= GTA 4 pls thank you ❤️

  24. 1vansmith1

    I want Ninja Gaiden 2,Dead or alive 3 and 4 through backwards compatibility?

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