Weird Nintendo Switch Place Holders Appear On Amazon And DMC 5 Is Ready For GamesCom | News Wave

We are pretty sure a Nintendo Direct is coming up in the next few weeks and recently a bunch of Nintendo Switch placeholders appeared on Amazon which is something that has happened several times in the past before a Direct took place. Could this be a sign of a Direct coming soon or could these be for Gamescom? Devil May Cry 5 is ready to go for Gamescom and it will be playable for attendees and press giving us a good look at the new action game.

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  1. palO AU

    My new source for anything Switch. Thanks!

  2. Asriel #LadArmy

    I live in Uk so Undertale digitally…….yey

  3. garett stenstrom

    I dare you to not cross your arms for one thumbnail

  4. Arcenedon

    Yeah those place holders are actually scams. I purchased Octopath Traveler from them and I got a fake code via email. Then I was on customer service for 5 HOURS. DON’T buy from those place holders, take it from someone who made the mistake of doing it.

  5. Danny Rodriguez

    People are forgetting gamescom is next week. Likely they will make a few announcements

  6. shatgan

    Love your videos, though you really need to put time stamps

  7. Pixel Perfect

    It's fucking mind bending people don't quite understand paying to play online games in 2018! And they want a bloody Direct for it hahaha. Crazy! You know how Microsoft milked free money from the 360 players, and Sony milked the PS4, well Nintendo is doing that. Please understand.

  8. sexy korean girl

    2018 still a console with no online play lmao

  9. schoolhater976

    I could be wrong, but isn't Gamescom kinda like the European E3? Could see a Direct as early as next week.

  10. Jonathan alis

    good times for gaming

  11. duhmez

    Super mario 3 has 2 player mode so no need to just watch or swap controler.

  12. Ophi Green

    Pokemon probably isn't compatible.

  13. Jonas Quinn

    Lol I'm gonna guess Minecraft is what they mean by "compatible" the switch edition requires a save file little over 2gb before you even start playing the game. That would be insane to upload to a cloud based save system.

  14. Jonathan Lupfer

    Thanks for the heads up on Undertails! Can't wait to finally play this. 😄👍

  15. Jonathan

    That "best game ever" poll was so ridiculous, and just flat out wrong. The only reason Undertale won was because it was new. Ocarina of Time is clearly one of the greatest, if not the greatest game ever made, it's a legend in the gaming community. Undertale may very well be a great game, but it doesn't have close to the staying power of Ocarina of Time. If you did this same poll now between Ocarina of Time and Fortnite, Fortnite would win because it's new and popular, although popular does not equal greatness.

  16. TheGothGaming

    People are really dipshits arent they?
    Let me tell you all a story, kids. Back in the xbox 360/ps3 era, ps3 had free online while xbox had paid online. Xbox's online was sooo much better than the crappy psn. It was not until sony started charging for online that they got it right.
    Paid online is neccesary if you nibbas want a decent, lag free, hack free online service. Id rather pay for a good online service, than having free mediocre online.
    "oh, but it was free before". Yes, and it was shit. Xbox and playstation have great online, if you want the switch to be able to compete at that level you gotta pay those 20 bucks fam. Otherwise nintendo is going to remain stuck as a second class console in the eyes of the most "hardcore" gamers and developers.

  17. Meta

    Hoping these 8 place holders are triple A third party games for a direct. At least 2

  18. Jared Pierson

    I hope Microsoft is working on new IPs

  19. D's Nuts Fitness

    Why you keep saying News Wave, when your channel is called Spawn Wave😐

  20. MVS 5

    I’ll be waiting for that Nintendo Direct any minute from now……..

  21. logicalfundy

    I hope Nintendo doesn't mess up online saves. If this is an opt-in thing for developers, it's gonna be a nightmare for players restoring their backed up saves.

  22. Scott Sandoval

    I hope 3 of those placeholders r Spyro reignited trilogy, rwby warriors, and punch out.

  23. *BbyYoshi*

    Why is nobody talking about, the walking dead season 4 on the Nintendo switch or review it?

  24. Jacob Schmidt

    Stating Undertale is only for niche players seems naive. The game has great music, an insane story that has depth that puts most triple A games to shame. The combat takes turn based combat and makes it interactive in both offense and defense. One of the major issues that turn based games run in to is that mindless mashing of the x button. Undertale makes decisions matter, and, though offense isn't terribly difficult, defense in Undertale can be incredibly challenging. The characters are incredibly colorful (ironically the game is black and white), and deals with complex themes such as violence, breaks the 4th wall with players and how our decisions when playing games have become subconscious. Of course, many of the things I am bringing forth are opinion, but that can be said about any game review. It comes down to the collective to decide whether a game is good or not.

  25. travis sechman

    Spawnwave, please remember Terry myerson or however u spell his name. He was the guy at Microsoft who gave no budget to xbox to do anything with games, studios and so forth. After he was let go, Phil got the budget xbox needed to make xbox what he wanted to from the beginning

  26. Charles Gurley

    It's sad that the highlight of online is a 30 year game… Hey guys! You know that massive VC y'all wanted!? Well heres……… SMB3!

  27. Tsuokari

    Some Devs don't want cloud saving because of save scimming so that's probably why it says combatible

  28. Nuvendil

    Hopefully MS's commitments this year don't go the way of the commitments in 2014. As a reminder:

    Scalebound: canceled
    Fable Legends: canceled and developer disbanded
    Halo Master Chief Collection: laughing stock
    Phantom Dust: no new release, basically canceled
    Crackdown 3: delayed to oblivion, STILL not out

    Xbox leaned hard into the future then, sold Xbone on promises and assurances, and here we are. So pardon my cynicism, but I'll believe in this upcoming Xbox renaissance when I freaking see it.

  29. Arrowlog Productions

    I want the next big Direct next week

  30. DJ

    Don’t mean to be that guy, but in all honesty who gets excited for Nindies directs?

  31. DJ

    What I want for the online service is more customization. Customizable backgrounds would be awesome to have! Maybe the ability to upload profile pictures or at least have more choices would be cool too.

  32. Johno Daz

    Yo Jon(SW) wassup. The Undertale special edition is looking awesome. Quality Employments for Microsoft. Online play for Nintendo's older titles is dope. The Cloud Saving has gotta be straight forward. I would prefer in the next Nintendo Direct they showcase the Paid Online Service aswell as what games are coming out 1st n 3rd party wise for the rest of 2018, Nintendo can still upload vids on YouTube also. There is a ton of unannounced games on Amazon UK, so I expecting a Nintendo Direct and a Nindie Direct too happen soon. DMC5 playable yes plz, looking forward too seeing vids on the gameplay action.

  33. Angel

    If nintendo doesnt implement dedicated servers ill lose my shit

  34. TromaDogg

    I think over the cloud save thing, they just have to say it may not be compatible with all games as it wasn't always possible to back up or your saves in the past either. Remember Smash Bros Brawl and Guitar Hero on Wii? The saves were locked to the system there too, despite the fact you could back other game saves up.

  35. jesus barrera

    SPAWN, the online service is still shit…. getting excited for paying for chat and NES games is frankly stupid

    if it were a big library from the start with SNES games it would be acceptable

  36. unknown Parade

    Idk what they are but i want title 17 for smash!

  37. Ryan Clemons1

    If Nintendo wants me to get Nintendo online it will need a shit ton of games i love on it i mean why would i not just use roms?

  38. TigerGlock

    I want that shirt🙋🏽‍♂️

  39. Trip Andfall

    I've been informed by Bandai Namco in Europe that Dark Souls for the Switch will be released October 19th. Spawn can you confirm or deny this?

  40. JesseAndMike

    Hopefully those are really place holders! 😀

  41. Santiago Ponce

    September is the Nintendo direct that’s going to be my guess

  42. Ze Zii

    Bet if there is Indeed an new direct half of it will be about smash..they really need to give more info about it;).

  43. Kawaii Woomy

    I just want animal crossing

  44. BattleModeBainbridge

    I really don't like being this close to Nintendo online with basically no info -_-

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