A New Nintendo Switch Bundle Finally Includes This Game And Is TimeSplitters Returning? | News Wave

A new Nintendo Switch bundle that seems to be set up as a holiday bundle going forward will be introduced in September and it brings with it a couple of games, one of which people have been asking to be a pack in game for a while. THQ Nordic went shopping again yesterday, this time they picked up a few new IPs one of which was TimeSplitters.

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  1. Bill Cook

    Whoo Hooo… fishing. Fingers crossing for a Sega Bass/Marine fishing combo pack

  2. ninjaruss

    time splitters was one of my favorite shooters on the game cube


    Japanese sure like playing Switch over anything else.

  4. RockyD12

    F*k yeah finally somebody who does something with Timesplitters!
    I hope the make a remake from the first 3 games and add online and of course release it on the switch and then later make new one

  5. Quentin Els

    Future perfect man wat an amazingly made fps, smoothest gunplay of any console shooter I've ever played 6th gen

  6. Jason

    Timesplitters! Would LOVE for it to get a new title or even just an HD remake. Even better if it was on Switch, since that's my go-to console of choice.

  7. ashley collins

    Oh oh, the bass pro fishy game should use labo for the fishy rod! Yay!! Why not?!

  8. Home Alone Gamer

    Timesplitters 3 would be sweet since they had started it but never released . i miss all the random characters monkeys zombies whichever dimension

  9. Pandarah

    Timesplitters on gamecube, those were the days!

  10. IHeartGaming

    timesplitters 1 needs a remake and timesplitters 2 needs a re-release

  11. WO3NiCKWO3

    I just thought the price was 359$ because the switch still gonna be 300$ and nintendo 1st party games are always stay high price. so really the 1 2 switch game is still free.

  12. Thomas Casson

    For years I thought Nintendo just flat out buying the rights to Timesplitters would of been a great thing. Cartoon-like but taken seriously taken. 2 on Gamecube is still a brilliant play today. I can but hope if a new one is made it comes to switch.

  13. Michael Slayder

    My gameplay got picked man for this video, that honestly made me feel pretty happy 😀

  14. Ry2x

    Virus Tag!

  15. Welshy180

    I would be all over a new Timesplitters

  16. darsirious

    just give me a timesplitters 2 full visual remake with same gameplay i want to see neotokyo, siberia, chicago in full glorious 4k high poly count, high resolution textures and effects. please. let me relive my childhood once again.

    i wouldn't complain about a full remake of all the games too 🙂

  17. anthony johnson

    I got time splinters 1 and 2 in my hands as we speak!

  18. sinistergrey3

    A new 'Time Splitters' on switch, with online, local, and wireless LAN multiplayer capabilities/features would be Awesome…

    …Although, isn't THQNordic still saying that Darksiders III "can't possibly run on the Switch hardware"?

    …Because if that's the perception they have as a publisher, then 'someone' should help correct this viewpoint for them! ( Cough Spawnwave Cough ).

    As titles like: Doom,Wolfenstein II, BOTW, and Skyrim that are already out on the system, clearly show the inaccuracy of the statements made by the publisher, and the upcoming Doom:Eternal, FE:Three Houses, Bayonetta 3, and MP4 would all be some good examples to steer them towards (Albeit, all we've seen thus far from MP4 is a 'logo'…but still, everyone knows that it'll be a 'Showcase' title for the system, lol).

    Maybe if the publisher has this info. they will change their opinion of the system,in regards to game development+capabilities on the platform…I mean, we wouldn't want them saying something 'nonsensical' again, such as a new 'Time Splitters' title in 'NOT being able' to run on the system, for some equally ludicrous/unfathomable reason, that was given in the prior instance of DarkSider's III, and that still persists, lol.

  19. Benzo

    Timesplitters! Great news!

  20. Rod Munch

    Sega Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast was a fantastic game – I only wish they had done a crossover with Seaman so when you wanted to murder your Seaman you could have done so by hooking his mouth and tearing his guts out. Wasted opportunity.

  21. Thee503 Kid

    Buying the fishing game!

  22. gabe maldonado

    I was thinking about Timesplitters last night!!!! Wow, I need that to come back

  23. Juan Torres

    U fucking 4 eyed nerd were did you get that Bad ass mario shirt u shit???? I want one

  24. Nicholas Bello

    Yo Sega Marine Fishing on Dreamcast with the fishing controller was fucking awesome, so I'm hyped for a modern fishing game along those lines

  25. caseylewis03

    I would love to see the Syphon Filter series remastered and revived!

  26. Kersen Cranwill


  27. Ken Daniel Murphy

    Timesplitters? Gimme.


    Timesplitters was my jam, I’d love the play a new one

  29. Devolved State

    I would love a TS reboot hope they keep the create your own level feature from 2

  30. Difford

    Timesplitters 2 and 3 on the GameCube were some of the funnest, tightest FPS games I was lucky enough to own and play. Would love another one…even ports while we wait for a new one. I'd love to play those again.

  31. Martin Diaz

    9/5 is my sons birthday! I'll definitely buy this for my kid.

  32. schiffwreck99

    Dude timesplitters! I'm so excited, I love those games!

  33. Sampai

    TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect were very fun. I want a new game.

  34. Ces1um

    Yup- would LOVE to see timespitters back!

  35. MrThirtyTwo

    Played the demo, so hyper for MH.

  36. M K

    Yes Time Splitters… But let's make it look like it belongs in 2018…Ps2 & Gamecube were fuzzy and hard to see where players were.

  37. Chris Richfield

    Holy crap if the original Free Radical devs make a new Timesplitters i will fucking cry.

  38. shadow2050

    Free Radical were the guys that left Rare after Goldeneye?

  39. RumpleFoldSkin

    they need to bring a new timespliters

  40. Chris Richfield

    i don't remember what i was watching but i saw Timesplitters and clicked so damn fast

  41. ShadowOfNexxus

    Didn't Crytek cancel timesplitters 3 cause they couldn't figure out who to put on the box art?

  42. Taylor Whitaker

    Welcome’a back

  43. Johno Daz

    Hey Jon(SW) hows it going man. MH Generations Ultimate getting a Demo is really neat. Bass Pro's Fishing Rod accessory looks very cool tho lol. Spiderman can't wait, it's gonna be so good and i need too check out the latest Trailer asap. Nice seeing a new Switch Bundle, not the games that would get me excited if i was a new comer but more Switch Bundles are always welcome. A 1 2 Switch sequel guys 😉 lol. THQNordic gonna release Time Splitters on the Switch yes plz and Second Sight is very good aswell. Nintendo and the Switch is still defo the main machine in Japan. Intel Graphics Cards nice :-).

  44. Sam E.

    Second Sight, holy shit! I loved that game!

  45. Robin Schaff

    Hell yeah, Timesplitters! It's about freaking time! Damn, been wait like 12 yrs for this to happen! I'mYourTarget will be back with bells on! Lol

  46. Robin Schaff

    Hell yeah, Timesplitters! It's about freaking time! Damn, been wait like 12 yrs for this to happen! I'mYourTarget will be back with bells on! Lol

  47. Brian De Jesus

    They should have made a Pokemon let's roll bundle.

  48. Harold Backer

    Hey Spawn Wave let see the Fishing game them offer to use the Nintendo Labo Fishing rod.

  49. Adrian Ostrowski

    Why fish on console, when you can buy a rod and go fish outside? 🙂

  50. B Wild

    They could do some really cool things with HD rumble in a fishing game

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