Battlefield 5 4K HDR & VRR XBOX ONE X Enhancements Confirmed

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  1. Roger Reda

    60 fps???


    Russian accent 🙂

  3. Anuj Sansare

    Damn I wish it came with Dolby Atmos support as well. BF1 currently supports Atmos but only on PC .

  4. szapryanov3

    Listen guys, Xbox X is a great console but multiplayer 64 player Conquest WILL NOT run at native 4k at 6o fps. Anyone that believes it will either knows nothing of how modern games and hardware operate or is completely uneducated regarding the demands on CPU and GPU performance for a 64 player multiplayer shooter to actually work in native 4k at 60 fps. The game will most likely be running at a dynamic resolution anywhere between 1080 p-1440p and slightly above 1440 P at Hopefully somewhat of a steady steady 60fps, HOPEFULLY.

  5. mark Alpert

    Conclusion then,,get it on pc if you want the best

  6. Kirk-Da Rooster Gordon

    XboxOne X will have the definitive version of Battlefield V for consoles

    XboxOne X is the king of consoles

  7. TeK PhaN

    SWBF2 is not native 4K on Xbox X


    this game looks amazing

  9. Brandon Andres

    That game will be beautiful on the X cant wait to play it

  10. Eliezer Barreto

    4k lol just like state of decay, like darks souls ,like recore, like rainbow six lol yeap true 4k

  11. L J

    I see the future.. Digital Foundry says this game runs native 1800p and checkerboard upscale to 4k on the X and 1296p on the Pro! Both games running around 60fps avg 55fps.

  12. L J

    Hey Madz … please put some sort of break in your intro. Saying stay tunned for more and then immediately talking makes zero sense. Add music to your intro or something.

  13. Corey Massey

    I can't remember if the narrative is that game engines are getting too big and that game graphics will decline over time or if the narrative is that current consoles are the "best multiplatform experience" ………..but whatever the case I am sure whatever platform you are playing BFV on it will look amazing. All I can hope for from BFV, which I will be playing on PC, is that the game and gameplay are more multifaceted than BF1. Not that anything was wrong with BF1 per say, but I much rather prefer the complex maps of BF4 than the wide open terrain of BF1.


  14. Richard

    Will there be a new Operation Metro? WW Ii style? ❤

  15. SavageYooger

    How is this "News"… It's a game releasing basically a year after XB1X, so of course it's gotta be XB1X and Pro Enhanced (just like COD and RDR2)…

  16. The GmC GaMeR


  17. Curtis Bell

    Will be an awesome game! Best on the x

  18. Julian A Molina Jr

    Xbox One X – For the definitive console version! 👌
    4K | HDR | FreeSync 2 | 120hz 😍

  19. toppdogg2k17

    Meh, WW2 is boring.

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