BATTLEFIELD 5 NEW Trailer (Gamescom 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

BATTLEFIELD 5 NEW Trailer (Gamescom 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

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  1. Cyan Animations

    If D-Day ain’t here.

    For fuck’s sake.

  2. Xergio Antonio

    If I can't play as a transgender nazi I'm not buying

  3. iloveplayingpr

    Where's my Black Cyborg Female in WW2 for Diversity?

  4. LEGEND 25

    This better be not be another disappointment from EA

  5. Platoon 81st Channel

    Britian started war with Germany.. Am I correct lads?

  6. Bert Reynolds

    Easter egg: German tank crew is made of all black women

  7. Knight Templar04

    As long as the game looks good and plays good i don't give two fucking craps about relisam as long as battlefield was able to fix stuff in this than bf1 like dlc then they all ready won me over

  8. Jaeden Allott

    Still not buying

  9. SuskenHizamura

    Song please. I know its House of the rising sun. Who is the artist?

  10. Rover Tyloo

    that circular flame at the end, battle royal mode confirmed

  11. Unknown

    I didn't see any swastikas, don't tell me this is the moral bullshit COD did with their last game.
    Battlefield used to be accurate, keep it like that

  12. Shean Pickstock

    That tank with the fat man cannon on it omg can't tucking wait

  13. Aullark Star

    Everyone is too concerned about pushing social agendas in a fictional or semi-fictional universe…Every time something of this nature is released it makes no real difference. If you want social change why not try doing so where it's important? By forcing it in areas where it has no effect you are lowering the quality of whatever you are pushing it through.

  14. paul111287

    still won't buy it. we know all the crap is still in the game. lots of people complained about bf1, fifa, battlefront 2 and now you ruined battlefield 5? do you want to fail or something? in gaming wars you are supposed to make it harder for competitors to sell their product not easier 😂

  15. Cristian _Cuba

    Lo que se viene es lo mejor de lo mejor 👌👌👌👌♥️😍😘♥️👌😘♥️👌😘👌👌♥️♥️👌

  16. thel vadam

    people in foreign countries can't afford to buy a decent meal…..nobody cares. Battlefield 5 trailer contains hints at a battle royale gamemode, has a song that isnt everyone's favourite and isnt 100% accurate down to the point where everyone is the same gender even though EA SPECIFICALLY SAID IT WAS A SPIN ON WW2 …..EVERYONE GETS BUTTHURT. This gentlemen and dare i say…ladies is a brief summary of how far society has fallen. have a nice day.

  17. iloveplayingpr

    Tripped up Diversity Trailer now a Generic One

  18. Samuel Geaney

    Should have had the actual battlefield theme

  19. Good Job

    Idgaf what anybody says, this game looks fucking beautiful.

  20. Daniel Smid

    I can t support that game, they screwed SWB2 because everybady is working on that and not SWB2. They don t deserve it if we cannot get a one great star wars game for a 5years.

  21. Abuko

    Думаю будет весело поиграть

  22. Abuko

    Думаю будет весело поиграть

  23. phillydilly 215

    At this point ppl just being fake outrage , looks great to me and better then cod by far.

  24. piter86

    Black people, asian people, native americans with mohawk, women, colorful face painting, heist masks, cuztomizable weaponary with clowny camo, throwing knife, experimental weapons and postapo uniforms. Yup, "Standard" things on WWII European fields(maybe in Sweden). Ehhh, PCs and dumb milennials. btw. and such profane of The Animals Song.

  25. Letago Modiba

    So this is gonna be a cross between WW2 and modern warfare?

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