New Xbox controller ‘adapts’ to disabled gamers

Xbox’s latest release, the Adaptive Controller, allows compatibility external joysticks, pedals, switches and buttons.



  1. Phoebs Lye

    As a disabled person who likes gaming, I can say this is brilliantly thought of!

  2. Anthony gonzalez saldarriaga

    Is that a Wii controller?

  3. Awsomiihill

    im not disabled but this is really nice

  4. Robert Few

    I have a high-level spinal injury so have only ever played games on the Nintendo Wii, this could tempt me into the world of Xbox gaming. Time for Sony and PlayStation to rise to the challenge

  5. Outed

    Told ya Xbox was A Better Console than Shit PS4 that Can't Crossplay with all platform

  6. Sean Winkfield

    Awesome 👏🏽 Xbox we can’t forget those with disabilities it can easily be us.

  7. Malik the Game lover

    Awesome man 100 cents are nothing in front of these amazing gadget

  8. Godfryd

    I want it NOW! 🙂

  9. Dennis Gonzalez

    now beat Dark Souls with it

  10. Fell Man

    This will lead to more gamers which is a good thing.

  11. Aku

    This controller is going to have a short life, a good idea at heart but let's be honest this isn't going to help Xbox in the slightest.

  12. TrollsRule20

    Diyers will love this

  13. GameSect

    @treelover Try it is a comparison website, so you will find it the cheapest there.

  14. UnknownDZN


  15. Zane Tech

    Now just wait for sony to get pissed and release a replica of their controller.

  16. Pekoyu

    1:08 That's literally a wii nunchuck

  17. mixerd96sf

    I’m so emotional about this device. I don’t have any physical disability but the importance of this product for every gamer regardless of your health limitations are now possible to enjoy gaming as long you live in this earth. God bless Microsoft and for all the people who helped made this great product.

  18. nate

    Nintendo came up with a great one of these back on the NES

  19. Yakub Motara

    It's all fun and games untill you realize you got wrecked by a disabled dude online!!

  20. cline jansen

    I take my hat off to Microsoft well done guys


    Xbox makes a controller to help people while PlayStation takes money from digital charity items they sell.

  22. Nenad Vladisavljevic

    Finally thanks a lot I'll be able to play all kinds of games thanks a lot on this device I'm playing like this

  23. Timic83tc

    Wii Nunchuk confirmed for working on Xbox, lmao

  24. rbaleksandar

    This is actually really great thing to do for these people. Respect to the people behind it!

  25. Fritz Lenz

    We should try helping the majority instead of this very small group of people. Of course, if this group of people weren't here, this wouldn't be a problem.

  26. Avee Player Master


  27. nextleveltaken


  28. Martell Tha Cool

    Microsoft get my respect for caring for the disabled despite the business practices aren't that good. #respectmicrosoft

  29. SonicNights


  30. Tony Nameless

    1:37 This is whats its all about, its not about people.

  31. Djmatthew C

    Thank you Xbox for helping disability people

  32. Robert

    1:07 the Wii Nunchuk

  33. Reeve Baily

    who could down vote this?

  34. Archiliescx

    1v1 me now bruh

  35. Andrew Turner

    Xbox for the gammers

  36. Gry Phyn

    $100 for the controller, and how much for each accessory?

  37. Luis Rodriguez

    This awesome for people with a
    Disability great job Microsoft


    Dude Xbox disabled comments but this is so sick man 🙂 idk why they disabled comments

  39. Hunter Wanzell

    Aren't all Xbox players already disabled?


    hope ps4 does this too!

  41. Владимир пушкин

    Thats nice of them to take disabled people into consideration, gives me a new appreciation for Xbox

  42. Big Forehead

    Wow great that they are doing this! Props to Xbox and hope that other platforms adapt this concept aswell.

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