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Defunct Games reviews We Happy Few by Compulsion Games, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux.

We Happy Few is a weird and wonderful ride filled with crazy characters, an engaging story and a fully-realized world set in the fictional 1960s. It’s also a long game that suffers from trying to juggle way too many ideas at once. What’s more, the action is stiff and all versions of the game seem to be plagued by rampant bugs. But even with the lows, I couldn’t get enough of the highs in We Happy Few. I liked exploring this world and seeing it from multiple perspectives. There are a lot of great ideas here that probably could have been streamlined, but I think it’s worth going off the Joy and discovering what’s really going on in We Happy Few.



  1. Colin Wiens

    Always nice when reviewers care a lot about world building.

  2. Allen C

    Card games (Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, ect)in general. I made fun of those people growing up, now it’s something i play with son all the time.
    But would the game be easier to swallow if it was episodic (telltale ish)? Or would to many give up after the first episode.

  3. Oelkanister

    I didn't like legend of zelda, until i've player Breath of the wild
    but it's still the only game in the series that i liked so… i think that doesn't count 😀

  4. Cyberpunknut

    Overload of idea is exactly what I thought their issue was when I heard about the open access changes. Game really does look cool and will probably inspire tons of cool cosplay.

    I kind of feel the same way about FMV games. Back when they were out I wanted more action than the occasional button press. But now I can appreciate how things unfold when you issue a command in them.

    At first I wasn't too keen on the Mega Man X series since I wanted a continuation of the NES games on the SNES right out of the gate, but now I love the X series.

  5. Wil Rivera

    … I am glad you found good things in the game. I believe the developers also made Contrast which is a game I massively dug …

  6. MrRedisA.D.D.

    You are the man! You stuck with it so you could beat the game. Just one more question: how many hours did it take you? 60 hrs?
    Also, I wasn't expecting the 180 on the direction of the game. So thanks for covering this or else I probably never would have known & great review. 😀

  7. ed Di campo

    I was just going to ignore this game, but after your review I am considering getting it. Very informative review thank you.

  8. Penguin DT

    Seems interesting, even though I have an aversion to randomly generated survival stuff. Welp, need to wrap up with Mothergunship first, hopefully this will be patched by then.

    My pick would be Fight Night Round 2. I gave the demo a go back in the day because it was quite a mean graphical showcase for the era, but darn it if I didn't get hooked. Not only that, but it made me appreciate the sport itself. Until then I saw boxing as 'two dudes get into a ring and beat each other until one falls over', but as the game pointed out, there's heck of a lot more to it. And considering I'm not interested in sports at all, that was no mean feat.

  9. Chase Cargal

    Im glad I watched this review. Kinda sad its gotten such negative reaction from a lot of critics. I wasnt interested in this because of the beta, but now that its changed into more of a Fallout-type game, it looks right up my alley. I'll wait for patches though

  10. Alex Santa Maria

    Really good review! I saw a lot of critics that didn't stick it out past Arthur's story and that does the game a great disservice.

  11. Halcyon Show

    Ace review as always dude.

  12. IRE

    I am glad you had a different perspective on this game. I just saw Jim Sterling's review and he HATED the game because of its flaws. Gameranx was meh on the game. Yet you were willing to look past them and still enjoy the game. That's cool! I think I'll still wait for this one to come way down in price to consider picking this up. I was looking forward to it but I can still wait.

  13. Shannon Bates Willis

    Qotd: does genres count, because I used to hate strategy Games, but Code Name STEAM changed my mind and opened my eyes.

  14. Ole Gerko

    No time for stuff like this, beating my head against La-Mulana 2 for the second week straight

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