Zelda Breath of the Wild Goes In Game on Nintendo Switch Emulator – Rendering 3D

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild now goes in-game and Renders 3D in Yuzu Emulator

Canary Build for Going in-Game

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  1. BSoD Gaming

    So, this was an unexpected video to be making today. 😛

  2. TheBadcop69

    This is unexpected.

  3. Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio

    Hmm, i don't care at all for Switch BotW. It runs so good and looks so good on Cemu, progress on the Switch version is kinda uninteresting. I'd rather see something like Odyssey going playable.

  4. Troy Wallace

    Is there s general sense of what hardware you need for this? Like maybe a i5 8400 and a 1050 ti or above

  5. Nozi fox

    HI BSoD Gaming how do you Download Super Mario Odyssey

  6. Keiny Lai


  7. unique link

    I wish clickbait would just die already…

  8. ilias k


  9. GOLD

    better than cemu

  10. otaibi ksa

    how to get switch games ??

  11. dan grenade

    My bsod senses are tingling

  12. malibaskonus 1

    meh not bad but im still waiting for mario odyssey

  13. Rafael Guerra

    Would these specs b good for this emulator:
    Gtx 1060 3gb
    I5 7400 3.0 ghz
    16 gb ram

    Please let me know

  14. Final Frost Fall

    Incredible good job yuzu devs!

  15. Vicar José

    it doesn't use the shared font rendering except for naming horses.
    the game has its own font (basically a normal texture).

  16. anikanbounty97

    Can someone help get my emulator even booting?

  17. Chalke

    Hey BSoD Gaming I send you comment on The Last of Us emulator video I need help please read it would help me a lot!

  18. HAIDER- H

    ryujinx is the best

  19. Joe1up

    Have you tried loading a file not in Hyrule Castle?

  20. Norman D'mello

    I am getting unsupported opengl extensions on yuzu. But I checked that I have opengl 4.3 and my drivers are up to date. Could you tell me why?

  21. lagaffegaming

    That grow so fast ! WoW

  22. Chazzie137

    Wow, I really hope Yuzu has the same rate of progression as Cemu and RPCS3, super exciting. Still, I'm wondering which ways the Switch version is better than the Wii U for BOTW. Though this gives me hope for Super Mario Odyssey PC in the future. Get it YUZU!

  23. DeeEcks

    Space Race 2: Electric Boogaloo
    Now with Switch emulators

  24. gogotshi

    Thunb up for yuzu!

  25. Maiye

    Damn, it's amazing to see this kind of progress so soon! Great video as always, keep it up!

  26. m M

    Hey BSoD I would really appreiate if you could help me out, so i have an Intel GPU with an i7 and 8GB of RAM. My games run decent FPS Im not looking for perfect gameplay but in Smash Bros after a few games the screen will freeze, but the game is still running. It is not like the screen freeze with looping audio glitch because I can still play in the background and I know im playing. For example i can still hear myself using specials and shield rolling, etc and I hear myself jump off the map and die but the screen is frozen. I see onine that someone said its an INTEL Gpu problem but the reddit link got taken down. Do you have any ideas or fixes/help? Please let me know

  27. Mosiah Fernandes

    Why hasn't anyone tested super smash Bros ultimate yet?? 'O'

  28. Ansyar Hamrum

    Rip cemu 😂😂😂😂😂✌✌✌✌

  29. yusuf ali quddusi

    still waiting 1.14.0 cemu for zelda than this

  30. DrPhalange

    wow Yuzu quickly gaining ground on Ryujinx…

  31. Hackers world

    Hope Yuzu will be able to play Pokemon let's go Pikachu after its release

  32. Bregas Sa

    I can see Xenoblade 2 run at my pc with 60fps in 1 year..

  33. Little Beanze

    At this point youtubers might as well start live streaming because the switch emulators are bringing great updates every few hours
    Also which emulator is better for the switch?

  34. WypSteur

    With this progression, maybe we can have Yuzu(or ryujinx?)>cemu. (for play zelda botw)

  35. WiatrakX

    What happend about Ryujinx?

  36. Captain Dark

    I love the way he says "emulator"

  37. Slick Sama

    WOW this is awesome everybody in the switch emulation realm is doing great!!!

  38. Salman Khan

    Guess who's back, back again….that's right it me!! Hahaha I know you all sang that shit! 😈

  39. kenan1099

    >Sudo make everyone in the planet install Linux

  40. Greg

    Hi! Looking at the way things go, do you think we can expect yuzu to get better than cemu eventually? If so, how long do you think it's gonna take? Keep up the good work! 🙂

  41. Areguil

    Damn, and I thought Ryijinx was developing a lot faster than Yuzu.

  42. Best Of Games

    awesome improvements i think they need precompiled shader cache as cemu does

  43. Khan

    What are "shared fonts"?

  44. Night Admin

    speak of Zelda BoTW can you investigate Wii U usb helper that now not working?

  45. 0xDEADBEEF

    Breath of the Dicknut Emulator 2: NSW Edition

  46. James Chau

    awesome! Can you do a Bayonetta 2 CEMU performance guide too?

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