Ray Tracing on Xbox Scarlet | Investigating Ray Tracing on Next Gen Xbox

The xbox one base model console can run ray tracing – because ray tracing can run via async compute… but what about the next generation console – will we see hardware support baked into the GPU to run it with less performance impact, and crucially, how will developers choose to use ray tracing on the next generation xbox?

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  1. MR. Keema

    Ray Tracing is used in Rise Son Of Rome. I'm convinced the x!x is capable of doing DXR since it was being developed at the same time with DXR.

  2. Thedaus

    Raytracing on the xbox one is nothing special, PC graphics cards have been able to do it for 10 years. It is just unusably slow on both.



  4. SnakeEngine

    You have to work on your hair cut if you want to present yourself to the public. Just a hint.

  5. francescop1

    Great job, consolidating this information for us. However, I remember reading that Navi is supposed to be optimised for deep learning at the hardware level, which would imply a design with tensor cores

  6. Vablo 1

    Its funny how pc based tech channels make better console videos then console based channels.

  7. TechForge Australia

    I wouldn't be overly surprised if 7nm Navi is a lot closer than AMD let on. I think they might be waiting for Nvidia to drop next gen before jumping them with Navi in the mainstream. If this was prioritised to Vega's detriment this could be anything up to or beyond a 24 month lead. Lisa Su has already demonstrated strategic cunning with Zen catching Intel napping, she may try the same with Nvidia, but I think Jen-sen see's something coming if they have indeed pulled out of Hot Chips.

  8. OmnipotentPeaceMan

    Ray Tracing sounds worthless on console, skip it, make games 60fps at 4k that's all you need for console. because Price point matters.

  9. texasdee slinglead

    I actually honestly was wondering if the background was sponsors stuffs . thanks . keep up the awesome work

  10. Aloy Chloe Price

    Get a haircut paul

  11. hvd iv

    it would be like a gtx 1050 vs a gtx 1050 ti.

    consoles are getting gpu up grades an all of the sudden 4k/60fps consoles…lol.

  12. TheJohdu

    I would appreciate if you linked the Sources you used in this Kind of more indepth Videos. that ubisoft guys GDC presentation looked interesting.

  13. SpeedGrappler

    Forget about the main thing – Profitability. More precisely – reducing the cost of production. When developing consoles, the budget and unit cost are taken into account. They sacrifice advanced technology for the sake of cheaper. It is irrational to box all the most advanced technologies in the box,) then the price for the buyer will be large.))

  14. IamJacksColon4

    MS will go intel APU trust me on this

  15. Sunshine Starcraft

    Just because it "can" run something do not mean it is ideal. A potato can run crysis, but is it playable ?

  16. Carlo eee

    Man I wonder if the Navy exclusivity with sony would bring them problems like their cell processor back in the day

  17. Jimmy Altos

    I think ray-tracing is still a long way off for consoles. PS5 / Scarlett, likely 2020, with minimal ray-tracing capability, if any
    7nm PC GPUs with stronger raytracing capability than Volta = 2020-2021. Things will improve a lot more by 2023-2025 with 5nm/3nm PC GPUs. Than a future generation of consoles in the late 2020s (PS6, Xbox5) should be the first real stab at making ray-tracing more standard for all games, industry-wide.

  18. C Anderson

    I highly doubt Xbox would use Nvidia GPUs. AMD already has ray tracing technology. Xbox and Samsung support AMD's freesync 2 HDR.

  19. cracklingice

    Death to DirectX.

  20. untseac

    If Sony is planning on making Navi exclusive perhaps Microsoft is kind of fucked. Not a problem to me. Microsoft have always been assholes.

  21. bobhumplick

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  22. Daedra

    why are you wearing foundation?

  23. bobhumplick

    sony also helped amd develop the first gcn arch years ago. that didnt limit amd from using gcn on xbox one or on the pc. of course who really knows but i dont think amd would aggree to a deal that limited to badly. maybe a 1 year exlcusivity

    i have high hopes for supersimd. gcn was aimed at compute since the beginning and when the new guy for radeom said that they had focused too much on compute and were working on getting back to graphics i think supersimd is what he was talking about. now that they have vega sorted out they can sell vega cards for compute and use supersimd for graphhcis

  24. bobhumplick

    tensor cores are fp16 and amd's gpus can do fp16 at double rate so that will help even if they dont work on tensore cores

  25. progranite xl

    On PC they use all kind of GPU and CPUs why can't they do it on a console

  26. Dea pond

    was this confirmed?

  27. TheCaptainhowdy11

    I can't wait to see what happens next generation. Good one as usual

  28. mikal ramjattan

    I wonder if there will be consoles multiple GPUs?

  29. mike spikeey

    if xbox go with nvidia the price will be ps5 $400 xbox 2x $600 never going to happen fuck nvidia

  30. supersaiyan310

    thanks 4 the piece! scarlett will b f***ing awesome!!!

  31. larry fleming

    Is that make up ? I love you man!! You’ll try ANYTHING but a short haircut!! Live your life !!!!

  32. Astrea Kaito

    Realtime raytracing stuff is fascinating, thanks paul
    So we'll get more or special ACEs on the nextgen consoles and will likely raytrace small part of the rendering instead of the entire thing, and that's already an amazing thing to look forward to. Well some games are already doing it anyway, we just need more

  33. cheater00

    cool forecast. some of this stuff went right over my head! i like that you don't dumb it down.

  34. MacDaffyCH

    RTX is not relying on tensor cores. All Nvidia's denoising for real-time ray tracing enhancements use cross-bilateral filtered denoising which has nothing to do with AI or machine learning. Nivida has not a single time mentioned RTX together with tensor cores, only media keeps mixing the two things.

  35. Sammy McFone

    Excellent content as always.
    Keep em coming.. 🙂

  36. Sevlagoth

    This is definitely one of my favorite tech channels on the net. Keep up the great work. 😉

  37. UHD Gaming PC

    It will but will have a very shitty raytracing, nothing like Nvidia X4 TESLA V100 GPUS STAR WARS DEMO.


  38. thane marston



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