South Park: The Fractured But Whole Official Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer


  1. linktheslayer15

    What about towlie bonus content

  2. Blahhh

    Nintendo just fuckin sucks cause they cant create any new good IP's and they lag on releasing the hits of last year.

  3. Dark Enkil

    Finally something other than toddler games….

  4. outdatedpidge

    What happened to the nudity part of the rating?!

  5. john craw

    Awesome game I’m getting it on switch

  6. RD 2

    I dont give a fuck that they put too many ports on the portendo switch but why for a game that already released on other platforms even cheaper on other platforms but here on the switch the price is too damn high

  7. joe g


  8. Joe Harley

    The problem is that it's priced too high.

  9. Josue Clavijo


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