Monster Hunter World 4K PC Gameplay & Performance Review

4K, Max Settings, PC gameplay of Monster Hunter World + Performance Review
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Battle gigantic monsters in epic locales.

As a hunter, you will take on quests to hunt monsters in a variety of habitats.

Take down these monsters and receive materials that you can use to create stronger weapons and armor in order to hunt even more dangerous monsters.

In Monster Hunter: World, the installment in the series, you can enjoy the ultimate hunting experience, using everything at your disposal to hunt monsters in a world teeming with surprises and excitement.



  1. MassiveG

    OCed 1080ti 4K Max settings = 30-36fps
    OCed 1080ti 1440p Max settings = 60-70fps
    OCed 1080ti 1440p Lowest settings = 85-95fps

    1070/980ti 1080p Mostly Max settings = Roughly 60fps average
    1070/980ti 1440p Mostly Max settings = Between 40 – 60fps

    Obviously there are tons of variables, but these were my experiences with Monster Hunter World PC.


    I7 8700k is better than I9 bro

  3. Tee Jay

    still looks a console to me…

  4. patrick smack

    I’m watching this video at 144p and my mind is blown!!!

  5. jamil quinto

    I watched this on 240p

  6. 1940_D14

    What is wrong with your character voice?

  7. Mr Team Guy

    So bad timing to release a pc port . Steam sabotage the friend list because of discord , drivers release an update that is broken AF , people are acting like snowflakes bombing negative reviews after 0.1h gameplay, always pointing out same problems. This game is not for Casual players, go play your fortnite and PUBG, play mobile games like angry birds and shit. This is a real game with few problems that could drop this games review score by FUCKING 1 point. Jesus guys get the hell back to your awful games with even more horrible devs (you've been happy with them). Now stfu and don't try to sabotage this ports launch. I still want to play it, wait for events, updates, free fucking DLC. Really 44% negative on Steam? How about game of the year (1 week since port was released btw)

  8. jason whitaker

    wheres this hundreds of hours of stuff to do..after xeno jiiva all there was to do is fight the same monster over and over

  9. acangial1

    You need to have your eyes checked if you think The Division has higher fidelity graphic assets.

  10. Enzo Rhys Thunderer

    What a voice

  11. Jamie T.

    Over 60fps is overrated/over valued. As long as its 60+ stable.

  12. Frisson

    sooo shit port..

  13. Artillery Horse

    optimized for consoles, dumped on pc

  14. Gary Ng

    MHW in 4K is fxcking awesome.

  15. Boim 27

    mo fps number man, and it said 4k but the video only give quality option to 1080p only

  16. Chase Brown


  17. ef mons

    What would be the FPS when you play it on stock settings not OC??

  18. FHExplicit

    Is there an endgame in this game?

  19. DS Chops

    It's not really open world and mechanics feel like crap. Never liked this game but I'm going to give it another try on pc

  20. R3DGames

    I have a GTX 1080 Ti and I play at 4k. I'm able to get 60 fps. Just turn the background rendering setting to low and the game runs just fine.

  21. IBradFrazer

    I am not sure what makes this a PC game? no pre-load ability, no 21:9 support, no SLI support, bad and inconstant optimization, cannot disable motion blur, mouse acceleration, or depth of field, playing with a friend is a nightmare due to co-op restrictions and a timeout error code: 5098f-MW1, the game is excessively bright, keyboard and mouse controls are horrible, voice acting is limited, and the graphics are equal to that of console even on the highest settings. Why was the game delayed by 9 months for if this was the result? this is in no way a good PC port. Another problem is with the Denuvo DRM program that is giving some PC's major problems even launching the game. Denuvo is also making it difficult for the modding community who're trying to fix some of these problems. I don't think Capcom should be praised for the PC version and should give us the missing features that makes PC so great!

  22. ibot1988

    bullshit "review"

  23. Child of Light

    Gonna hold off buying this one until the RTX 2080 release. Our high end GPU's are not spring chickens anymore and it's beginning to show.

  24. Child of Light

    Japanese Dev's are notorious for faulty ports that hog resources.

  25. jasushi Tv


  26. color changing soup

    i would buy this game just for the cats tbh

  27. Knight Artorias

    the textures quality is cancer

  28. Luis Espinosa

    Se ve exactamente igual que el.ps4

  29. the wolf

    Fuck pc cheaters

  30. Mag12012001

    The game is fuken ugly.

  31. ShadowXX

    Don't know what you have on your pc but I have also a 1080 Ti and an i7 6700K and play in 4k with over 60 fps. Yo do something wrong but the pc version looks also in 4k mostly bad. Low textures, bad face animations an much more. The game is a solid port but not more

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