Nintendo Switch News – Super Mario Party Demo, New Smash Ultimate Gameplay and A Hat in Time!

Nintendo and their partners have brought out the Big Nintendo Switch Guns for Gamescom 2018!

As with Gamescom Super Mario Party is playable for the first time, We have got gameplay footage of King K Rool VS Solid Snake in Ultimate, A Hat in Time has been confirmed for the Switch etc…

Nintendo Switch News is Back!

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    Why not new super mario bros 3

  2. Robin McCormack

    Hi guys, did you ever think of doing a top ten Zelda final bosses?

  3. Steven Rutter

    May you pleased do the Wario or Yoshi Timeline someday.

  4. Gabe's Animations

    Wait a minute 10:22 a skull kid amiibo by a zelda smash bros amiibo. Skull kid confirmed!

  5. Aaron Rivera

    Where's the saints row news

  6. stealthyfrog

    As far as NSMBU Deluxe:
    Good future: This means there won't be a new bland NSMB game on Switch and we'll get a more exciting 2D Mario
    Bad future: This means there won't be any new 2D Mario game on Switch and we'll be left with a Super Mario Maker port or SMM 2

  7. Ibrahim TEM

    I just want gangbeasts

  8. Shakira Rambarran


  9. harter kern

    Nintendo Switch, the overpriced retro console for retards.

  10. Ryan Sizemore

    New Super Mario Bros is amazing. Now we just need Mario Maker. This guy is blind if he can't see how good new super mario bros games are.

  11. APsychic MewTwo

    Intro sound familiar?? Sounds like you stole it from another smash brows YouTuber??

  12. SuperLuigi Land

    I'm so excited for Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. A port of NSMBU really? Don't get me wrong the game was good but nothing spectacular.

  13. Retro Dario Gaming

    Joe u look a bit like Pewdiepie

  14. Craig Auclair

    I think i might've seen a rumor about Overwatch on Switch on one of the Switch channels.

  15. IIIDank_PepeIII

    A hat in time is an excellent choice for the switch. 10/10 platformer. Highly recommend.

  16. Furipe token

    This dude blid?? Hes eyes are totally lost…

  17. Thijs Schoonacker

    Is he blind?

  18. The Investigator

    Ok but when does warframe come out

  19. JohnMetal91

    A Hat in Time finally comes to Switch after the developer stating months ago that it wouldn't happen, guess they changed their mind. I was waiting for that game on Switch, but as soon as they said that some 5-6 months ago, I gave up and bought the game for Xbox One. It's a great game and a good fit for Switch but I don't re-buy games. Oh well.

  20. Funtime Gamer

    The is just the blond completionist😂

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