F1 2018 Engine Analysis, Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro, Best Looking F1 Game Till Date? [4K/60FPS]

F1 2018 marks a shift in the franchise’s technical achievements. The latest entry pushes new boundaries in so many little and minor things, but as a whole it all comes together to deliver what is the best looking F1 game of all time. Of course, there are things we want the game improve on and it’s no way close to the behemoths like Forza and Gran Turismo in terms of graphics tech but this first step will go a long way in delivering not only an authentic Formula One racing experience in the future but also a bedazzling one.






  1. Mattchu M

    Amazing music, whats the instrumental guys?

  2. Ηλιας Πετριδης

    If you don’t have money watch YouTube only.

  3. Ηλιας Πετριδης

    Xbox for Forza M4 and 4K movies also with pc and Ps4 pro for more games.

  4. Ηλιας Πετριδης

    The serial gamers have both consoles and Pc. Greece 4ever.

  5. racher ces

    PS4 Poo get spanked again by X haha 🤣🤣🤣

  6. John Cowlin

    Stupid music

  7. Crazy Old Skool

    Music sound like one of those corporate safety videos.

  8. Brandon Kennedy

    Kind of want to get this game just based off the visuals alone but I'm afraid I'll get bored too quickly.

  9. argedismun2

    So i should just keep playinf f1 17

  10. irfan iffu

    Cry ponies

  11. favio z


  12. Eliezer Barreto

    True 4k using checkboard rendering jajajaja

  13. Thomas

    Man that was some cringey driving at best.. I can't take this video seriously at all lol..

  14. Leonard Weathers

    I'm sorry but speaking as a One X owner you literally can't tell the difference. Please do not let these fanboys fool you just because they want to ride with their favorite company.

  15. XBOX ONE X

    Well I think I will rest my case, UHD GAMING PC put in his place, can not support one bit of proof he even owns a 4K PC let alone playing Forza in 8K! The guy is full of crap; I have given proof of my whole gen Xbox setup from 2001 – 2018; yet he has not supplied one bit of proof re his claims, just a Google troll! lol.

    Here's my PROOF once again; deal with it! https://www.facebook.com/Xbox4KGamingNews/videos/413080255769891/
    End of story; he's just a keyboard warrior trying to big up something he dreams of LOL!

  16. GameMasterpg

    The Xbox Master Race

  17. Thierry L

    Thank you for sharing ( ̄▽ ̄)~~( ̄▽ ̄) Cheers!
    Beautiful video ◕‿↼ I love it!!!
    One thing to improve is your background music to loud for my taste and that did distracted me from your message, so ask yourself this question B4 posting a video what’s your primary goals? Is sharing disco music 🎶 or educate us on games videos? 🎮 Hope that help?

  18. XBOX ONE X

    People say enough of the console wars, yet this whole article is about the best console version, if you are here watching this then you are part of the console wars lol!

    I owned the Pro prior to the X & I can hands down say the X just smashes the console in every possible way. Not just in the obvious POWER, but in features, services & most of all 4K. Sony named the PRO DYNAMIC 4K gaming for a reason, it can NOT output NATIVE 4K gaming in most cases!

    Not a fanboy, just pure giving it to these idiot boys claiming the Pro is anywhere near the standards the X dishes out, as for the PC fanboys who claim EVERY PC setup is better than the X, they need to get a reality check! Some people big up PC yet even do not have the hardware to backup their claims, one person in this site I believe is doing just that! Full of BS! I KNOW PC is best & always will be at a cost, console is a console for a reason, simplicity of gaming & at a fraction of the cost! Common sense!

    I choose the X as I hate mucking about with windows on PC with all the updates & crashes & then upgrading hardware & then the worry of viruses, console for me is easier, quicker & in my opinion bloody close to some of the 4K PCs at double the cost!

    It's down to choice, if you prefer to spend thousands on a PC that's outdated year on year, that's your prerogative not the majority of gamers.

    Funny how this article is about XBOX having the best version of the game, yet PC dudes come on here stating the obvious yet it's about CONSOLE versions. Where does it mention anything to do with PC version?

    As for PlayStation 4 Pro, it clearly states the Pro is not powerful enough to give out NATIVE 4K, yet Sony ponies still manage to defend what is NOT possible, 4K is not achievable in NATIVE on the Pro in most games. End of story really!

  19. Omio Rahman

    X box is my favourite

  20. syson551

    Oh look pathetic fanboys at each other necks again. Seriously it's tome for you lot to grow up and realise it doesn't matter what you play on because at end of the day we're all gamers.

    Oh yes and before anyone replies with some stupid comment like "oh you must be jealous blah blah blah".

    I have a ps4 pro, Xbox one s and a gaming pc all hooked up to my 4k hdr Samsung tv so which I all enjoy equally.

  21. King Kold

    Xbox and playstation both great consoles so enough with console wars

  22. King Kold

    The graphics looks the same to me tbh

  23. zanychelly

    Nice intro music

  24. bigmancan1

    I think F1 games have always looked good on track. First I’ve heard anything about the graphics not being up to par

  25. Regis m

    You guys talk about audio quality and leave this crappy music playing on background.

    Come on. We want hear cars, not music.

  26. XBOX ONE X

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  27. WormDK

    I know i am an outsider but pc wins

  28. andrei_noah


  29. The Raph

    Loving the 80s disco funk

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