NBA 2K19: Pelicans vs. 76ers Gameplay (FULL QUARTER OF XBOX ONE X IN 4K)

Watch Anthony Davis go into Takeover mode against Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers on the Xbox One X version of NBA 2K19.

Shaquille O’Neal Wore the Infinity Gauntlet and Things Got Crazy – Up At Noon Live!

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  1. LDGGaming

    Look the same as 2k16

  2. Michael Holmes

    We going have a lot problem with the layups 😒

  3. Voice of Reason

    DAMN, look at that mascot gettin' it in at 2:19… DAY 1 BUY!

  4. brixhouse

    Would be nice to see the players actually move their mouth while they are talking as opposed to looking like mutes.

  5. Dwann Thomas

    Nba live 19

  6. Mikey J

    Everyone by NBA live 19 so they have the money to make a great game and we can get out from under the 2k greed monster.

  7. Motmot Reyes

    Why am i liking NBA LIVE 19 movements more than 2K19 .. Also i'm getting bored with these commentators already ..

  8. Carlos& Tina

    Ben simmons is running pg 👀👀. Op😂

  9. Muharrem Sarıkaya

    Cant see any difference between 2k18

  10. Jose Reyes

    I think I’m a pass on buying any basketball game this year.

  11. Leo Paonessa

    sigh…. This may actually be the year i get Live instead of 2K

  12. Preston Miller

    I dont really see much of a difference, kind of disappointing. & the fact that fultz an rocos appearance an hair havent changed at all lets me know this aint much but a roster update. ill skip a year an just wait for 2k20 cause ill be damn if i buy live 😂

  13. Raeshamous Keys

    I don't see any reason to get on the first day I will get it for 25 on black Friday

  14. pugz

    poor graphics

  15. Dead Meme

    If there's one thing worse than giving money to 2k, it's giving money to EA.

  16. James Choyce

    Im giving Nba Live 19 my money this year. I was sold just from playing NBA Live's demo, the gameplay and graphics are more realistic. You get right into gameplay and you can skip all storylines and cutscenes. And no need for Microtransactions unlike 2k.

  17. Guillermo Lopez

    2:32 tf is wrong with the dude playing

  18. Michael Tadros

    8:25 idk why not I found this hilarious

  19. TyplosionPock3tMon

    Does it have battle royale

  20. Stephano

    people need to stop complaining. they maxed ps4 graphics

  21. Brian Davis

    We don’t care about playnow we want to see park game play

  22. Mr.Stranger

    Same game, different year.

  23. Kevin Soto

    Lives animations might be a bit smoother this year

  24. 郭乃榮

    i think that player didn't watch the basketball game before…

  25. Reginald Dickerson

    This is worse than the iPhones that keep coming out!!!

  26. Justin Lucas

    Kevin hart not even in the crowd 😂 they should include celebrities Spike 👀

  27. Jake Bydalek

    Defense op low scoring game

  28. DK02

    I'm still trying to figure out if they fixed the missed open layups, but this guy playing cant even get a timer right

  29. Chris C

    looks filled with animations and shitty physics. just like every other 2k

  30. Guido Kaczka

    Nba2k18 with mods

  31. Toprak Yetkin İçhedefler

    Graphics looked too shiny to me

  32. lilmoscoskoscoss

    Same gameplay 2k became the new madden lol.

  33. Hakeem Mims


  34. GaQuan White

    Hope the gameplay feels different cause it looks exactly the same

  35. James Williamson

    Problem is he don't know what the he'll he doing.

  36. BabyCesar

    por que ponen gente tan mierda a probar el juego 😂

  37. M L

    Same Reskin every year.

  38. tom filippo

    Looks alright I'm still going with NBA Live

  39. Nesty Ness

    NBA Live looks better than this. If only they had 2K gameplay or a little better one. Still getting Live this year tho.

  40. Stevie Antonio

    who the hell is playing!!! smh!!!

  41. Sooshady

    Bru lol they brought back da 2k09 intro soundeffects

  42. Havealovelyday

    Still dont understand why they cant make it look like peoples feet are actually connected to the ground

  43. Braze

    I think this is first 2k to look EXACTLY the same as the last one . Movement, crowd, presentation all of it.

  44. CPGoat #3

    We need suns vs kings gameplay

  45. all1kboi13

    Im gonna go buy Live 19 ya’ll want anything?

  46. 20Piece MoJo

    Ill just stick with my tecmo basketball

  47. Clarence Dixon

    I'm excited about 2k19

  48. T BBB

    Defense play looks better. Probably even easier for all the people who cried about blow by animations.

  49. Matt Perry

    Looks like 18

  50. NYCD86

    Commentary is the same. Gameplay looks the same. I'll peobably switch to Live '19 this year.

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